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How Weather Can Influence Our Well-Being and Educational Process

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Have you ever felt depressed, in low spirits, or under the weather right from the very morning? Well, I can surely tell you that you are not the one and the reason for such physical and mental state is not your laziness (so often attributed to you), but the weather that can have a huge impact on overall state and further daily activities. Consequently, in such “not your days”, the mood and general level of mental activity become rather vulnerable and, as a result, the educational process suffers from it first and foremost.

Is Rain a Reason for Being Sad?

First of all, from a scientific point of view, the direct correlation between certain weather and human’s mood has not been determined as a fact, however, there were a lot of investigations in this field. For example, in 2008 some German scientists have set a research on the effect of temperature, wind power, sunlight, and other influential factors. The results have distinguished, in the end, four groups of people:

  • Unaffected – those lucky things that are not affected by weather (around 50%).
  • Summer lovers – the mood is better when there is more sunlight than rain.
  • Rain haters – state of mind is not influenced by the change in temperature or daylight, however, the members just felt less positive when it was drizzling.

This exploration supposes that since we are all extraordinary, a hefty portion of us is influenced by the climate, just in various ways. Thus, you can see that not all people feel good under the sun and vice versa. For example, a friend of mine is a bad lover of the rainy days. He likes when the wind groans and the rumbles of thunder signal about oncoming rain.

So truly, it relies upon your own particular identity with reference to whether your spirits would be influenced by the climate outside the window. When it goes about me, however, I feel better when the sun is sparkling and I do not need to put hundreds of layers on.

Under the Weather

What About Educational Process?

If you are lucky enough to be in the group of “unaffected,” then your fake excuses like “I have a headache or bad mood” and so on are not the reasons to excuse your laziness. However, if you can certainly identify that when it rains you have a headache or pain in legs more frequently, then, you should apply to a doctor to be examined in general. It can also happen that your organism just needs some essential vitamins. Or you can get a kind of medical certificate and sit at home at least during that rainy or too hot days.

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