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The Right Time for Waking up: Finding Your Ideal One

Waking up

Who gets up early, may do everything. Of course, in the original version, the expression sounds "The early bird gets the worm". All people who have achieved significant results and could call themselves happy ones share one trait: they get up early. What is so valuable hidden behind this? What gifts has nature prepared for those who used to greet the sunrise with their eyes open?


In the world of nature, there is nothing accidental, but everything is thought over. If you have ever noticed, even the birds wake up and begin to sing at exactly the same time. We are closely linked with Mother Earth and if you learn how to use this connection, you will be able to get an almost inexhaustible store of strength and energy for the whole day, be healthy and cheerful, generate brilliant thoughts and ideas to realize your full potential. And one of the most important roles is played by a proper waking up at the right time every day. Someone might argue of course, by saying: "I have my own rules". But nature has rules and laws, and by learning how to live in harmony with them we will open immense opportunities.

So, when and how we should wake up in order to feel strong, vigorous, full of strength and energy?

Time of Optimism


All songbirds wake up between the four and five o’clock in the morning, nature begins to revive. At this time everything is imbued with the energy of optimism. It is a very good time to get out of bed for those who want to be good musicians, poets or composers. Even hardened pessimists waking up during this period may feel optimistic. The period which begins an hour and a half before sunrise and lasts for 48 minutes is a time when the sense of vitality and happiness increase rapidly.

Time for Self-Improvement

Those who wake up between the five and six A.M. still have a lot of vigor and joy in their lives. If some sickness comes, it is simpler for "early birds" to overcome it because of the stronger immunity system. At this time, our mind becomes very sensitive and easy to absorb any information. Apart from that, it is a wonderful period to devote time to self-improvement and spiritual development. Or just to learn something new and important very quickly.

Time of Routine

After 6 A.M. all systems of the human organism are turned on, the metabolism activates, blood pressure raises. The mind also becomes more active, restless and starts to plan things. The tone of people who wake up at this time will be slightly lower, their vigor a bit forced and it will be very difficult to support an atmosphere of optimism. It is a good time for exercises and for the morning routine.

Time of Fussiness

We assume that you woke up before the seven o’clock. After 7 A.M. you lose all the benefits. Everything is imbued with the mood of fuss. Of course, it is an excellent time to prepare for the working day, to make breakfast, but not to wake up. Those who awaken at this time during the day will be restless, fidgety and distracted. They will feel shortage of power and energy for new achievements, decrease in appetite, passive life position. Read more.

Tired Person

If you wake up after 8 A.M. it is extremely difficult to be proactive, to overcome the shortcomings of character and bad habits, take a proactive stance, to make the right choice. Optimism often leaves these people and they just are drifting through life. In addition to this, the likelihood of chronic diseases and life difficulties increase to a greater degree.

To sum up, in order to accomplish everything conceived, to keep spirits high and make the right decision, you should take into consideration all those things mentioned above and wake up at the right time!

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