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Do you ever feel like your body is glued to bed? Does it ever seem that your pillow is a little creature that won’t survive if you leave it alone? Here are some tips on how to stop waking up like this.


Start making your morning good in the evening

The first secret of a good morning is to have enough sleep. Everyone wants to have an evening for his or her own and use it to unwind, but what is the activity you choose to help you relax? Watching TV, surfing the web, looking through social networks news – not only it will stuff you with unnecessary information, but also will keep you awake till the late hour. Better go to bed earlier, and if you cannot fall asleep right away, try to make a rough plan of your day in advance. How to wake up

Choose carefully your alarm sound

Who can stay in high spirits after the obnoxious “beep beep” sound? Find a positive song, that won’t irritate your ears in the morning and set an alarm for a couple minutes earlier – just to be able to listen to it and enjoy it.

Smile right after you woke up

You can do it with your eyes still closed. You are free to smile to your room, at the cat or the tree outside of your window. A smile is a sign that you are safe and happy, and even if you don’t really feel like this, you will notice your mood getting better after you smiled. You can also think about something you’re grateful for or something that inspires you and discover again what a happy person you are.

Let your body wake up

There is no need to stand up and run away from the warm bed with the first sound of the alarm clock. Let your body get ready to a new day. Of course, it doesn’t mean thinking of all the duties you have planned for today – you need to do the exact opposite. Think of something nice, that you are planning to do. Stretch out. Massage your neck a bit, so the blood comes to the brain. After this you can stand up and… Morning

Take a shower

You will wash all the remaining sleepiness away, start feeling energetic and ready for a new day. Some people believe, that water not only can clean your body, but also your thoughts, and it is a great way to start a day in a truly new way.

Have a breakfast

Everybody knows, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there is no need to stuff yourself with food if you don’t like it. You can make a cup of tea or coffee and eat a piece of chocolate while reading a book. You can have a glass of water with lemon and honey while listening to some music. Find what suits you most and what can brighten up your morning in the best way

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