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Concept of Violence in Modern World: Ideas to Cover

Bruises On Hand

The world consists not only of good things, but also of evil. This topic is relevant, because every day we are faced with manifestations of violence in the modern world. Such movements like #BlackLivesMatter only confirm this sad thesis. In general, violence is the use of force or threat to human or animal life. Its result can be injury, developmental disorders, deep psychological trauma and even death. There are a few things that are worth mentioning, if you need to write a paper on this topic.

Causes of Violence

More than 1.5 million deaths are caused by violence actions every year. No matter how sad it may sound, people are inherently violent. It can be manifested in the details, and people can not even realize that they are causing pain or discomfort. What are the causes of violence? You can give examples of why others have a desire to use force. This can be their own trauma, impaired social contacts and understanding that violence is the only way to prove their position. Also, maybe you know some situations which can illustrate this reasons.

Physical Violence

Physical violence is the bane of our society. This is a one-time or recurring action against another person that causes damage to the health. It can be both a beating and forced sexual activity. Physical bullying in schools, domestic violence in the family are examples of physical terror. You can devote your paper to this issue. Why does a man can beat the other one? Perhaps this is due to alcohol or other influences. In addition, there is a term in medicine – syndrome of uncontrollable rage. It can be a genetic disorder, when a person falls into a state of anger and thus can hurt his loved ones, without realizing his actions.

Alone in Crowd

Psychological Abuse

Violence is not only beating, but also the emotional abuse that can affect the human psyche. Intimidation, bullying, psychological attack are also the subspecies of violence. The worst of all is that violence begets violence. Almost all the killers and psychopaths had a difficult childhood and are deeply traumatized. You may agree that if someone methodically brings a human to the point of hysteria only with words, victim can not just go crazy and commit suicide but he can event take a gun and go on the street. The worst thing is that some hurt others, but doesn`t even realize it. You can mention that there are differences between the physical and emotional harm, and give a few examples from life or personal experience.


The main question is how to deal with the problem. Not afraid to talk about it. Society is not ready to accept this ugly side, but remain silent about violence is the last thing to do. By the way, it is a very common problem, when the society makes a provocateur from the victim. "It is her fault that she dressed so / went to a party / refused his harassment". No, "she" is not guilty, blame is only on the offender. Distancing from the problem and shifting the responsibility will not solve the problem itself. Every day we are faced with various forms of violence. Someone doesn`t pay any attention, and for others it will be a trauma. You can devote an essay to solutions to this issue. How do social institutions fight against violence? Perhaps you are familiar with the activities of centers which help victims of violence to go through traumatic experience.

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