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Types of Teachers that Students Can Meet at All the Common Colleges and Universities

Every college or university is filled with teachers of different characters and personalities. From super intelligent to super funny and witty ones - they will be there to teach, entertain and guide you and meanwhile become the topic of rumors sometimes. Here are some typical teacher types you will find at almost every college or university:

Aa funny teacher

The grammar monster

He (or she) will always correct you no matter what you say or do. These teachers will make sure to fix you pronunciation whenever you speak to them, even if it's an accidental meeting in a corridor.

The tyrant

Teachers who everybody is scared and terrified of. They don't tolerate rude and noisy students and usually have strict and demanding teaching methods. Lectures of such kind of teachers are always noiseless but very stressful. The funny part is that students often start to like and respect these teachers with time, as they are able to make even the laziest children learn their subject.

The autobiographer

The type of teachers who start the classes with explaining the subject and end up with an autobiographic story. By the end of the semester, you will probably know everything about their personal life, their relatives, and a lot of stories from their childhood.

The talkative one

Here is one of the most favorite types of teachers among the students. They are usually the victims of their own enthusiasm. Ask this teacher a debatable question and they will talk for ages naively believing their students are genuinely interested in what they're saying. He will be asked a lot of additional questions to make sure his speech is prolonged for an additional hour. Wait, is this the end of the classes already?

The new age teacher

Usually are young individuals who have spent a couple of past years studying, teaching, or volunteering in the different parts of the world. They are familiar with the latest teaching methods and styles and, due to their experience, can find an approach to almost every student. Children love these teachers’ classes as they are always interesting and modern.

The enthusiastic one

The extremely energetic and cheerful individuals who are keen on the subject they taught. Their classes are always full of different quizzes, discussions, debates, and other practical activities and assignments. Usually, these teachers are full of ideas and can make even the most boring topics be interesting to the students.

The super intelligent

They are always ready to help the students in case of any questions even after the classes. These teachers are always polite and friendly and have a deep knowledge in the different spheres. They will always make sure every student understands what is happening in the class and are ready to explain the material over and over to those children who have missed something.

There is no doubt teachers are a key to any student's knowledge and education. They can help us to shape our goals and values, they inspire and motivate us to move forward and pursue our dreams. Unknowingly, teachers also give us the most memorable moments of our student times.

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