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Types of Students You Can Meet at The End of the First Semester

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By the time the studying year comes to its ending, all the students could be divided into certain categories depending on the personality traits they start to show. Here are some common types of students you can meet at the end of the semester in almost any common college or university. Check, maybe you will recognize some of your friends in this list.


Okay, these students can be easily spotted year-round by a collection of clothes and other things they have brought from their travels. At the end of the semester, these people are usually busy choosing places they want to go during their summer holidays and creating numerous to-do lists for their trips. All their talks usually come to telling you about the range of different places you have never even thought about visiting.


When you feel you can't go through your exam preparation period, these students manage to combine their studying, a couple of unpaid internship programs, and a part-time job. You can spot these students quickly running out from the exam auditory in order to make it to their workplace in time. They never give up and it seems they never sleep as well.


Most likely it's the most obvious type of students you can meet at the end of the semester. They never take things easy and they cannot relax even after exam period is over. These people will constantly worry about their future results and whether they have passed or failed. Conversations with Worriers usually end up with them talking about college problems and concerns.


By the end of that last exam, this student doesn't really care about nothing. This one only cares about partying. The Party Animal is easily identified as they will spend most of the time hanging out with friends. Or just "hanging out".

Home Birds

These students are usually the calmest ones in this list. They can be easily spotted as they never discuss their summer plans. The reason they don't do this is because they don't have any plans except staying at home for the whole holidays.

Carefree Students

That is the type of students everyone sometimes wants to be. They never care about anything, they skipped most of their classes, they never prepared for the exams but they are always calm and self-confident. They are sure they will pass all the tests and never even worry about it.


At the end of the semester, these students can be easily detected among all the others as you can often meet them with piles of different papers. These are the students who eat their lunches while reading the materials for classes and spend all their free time cramming and rereading all the information they have. Conversations with these people usually lead to discussing what is still needed to be learnt and where to find the additional information that you should learn.

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