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Thank You Notes and Why Writing Them Is Necessary While Applying for a Position

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You may have a fantastic resume and you may be assured you have showed your best while being interviewed, but there is more to landing the desired position than you might think. Writing a thank you letter to the interviewers is a crucial and essential step if you want to be 100% secure you have landed the job. While a lot of recent graduates have surely heard something about these notes, most likely, nobody has ever tried to write them. There are so many questions, like when should you send them? Who should receive them? What needs to be written there? Here is the guide that may help you out a little bit.

Who Is the Receiver?

There is one thing you should understand – a hiring manager cannot be the only one whom you send your thank you notes to. Make sure to show your respect to every individual who helped you to get invited to that job interview. If there were more than one person during the meeting, make sure to send a thank you email to everybody. But it shouldn't be a mass letter, better to make it personalized and unique. Many interviewers ask for a feedback from all the other people the potential candidate communicated with, so it's important to create a good first impression on everybody, including the receptionist!

When Is the Time for Sending?

it's better to wait approximately one or two days before sending your notes if hiring period allows it. This period will be enough for the hiring manager to consider everything and everybody and your note will come in time for the decision-making process. But always be aware of the hiring timeline! If the position is urgent and the company seeks for someone to be hired right away, you better don't waste any precious minute and send your letter right after the interview, just to be assured it was received and read before the person for the position was chosen. It's also important to email your notes after the working hours, it will show your prospective employer that you value the boundary between the working and personal time.

Why Should You Send Such an Email?

First of all, such a simple note will make your possible employer remember you among all the other candidates. It's surely a good thing if you are confident you have given fantastic answers during the job interview. Secondly, a thank you letter will show that you are really interested in becoming a part of their team and are excited about your candidature being reviewed for the position. Besides, it's another awesome chance for you to tell the employer why you are the one for them and why you are more eligible for this vacancy than anyone else is. It's a simple truth, all the people appreciate when you value the importance of their time so this small email will surely show you as a good-natured and understanding individual.

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