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Ways to Prevent Terrorist Attacks: Writing Ideas

Scared Man

According to the statistics, over the past year and a half there have been about 15 attacks around the world. Not only in Africa, but also in Europe. How many tragedies are ignored and don`t reach the mass public? The situation in the world is very tense. Thousands of innocent people die, and they don`t even know for what and on whose ill-will. Fighting against the terrorism is one of the main tasks of any state. Here are a few examples of how to write about defense.

How Does Government Prevent Attacks?

Explore issues how different countries prevent terrorist attacks. Yes, most likely it is the case of secret services, but some information is available in the public domain, especially after the leak of confidential data. For example, the government can listen to telephone conversations and read messages. Thousands of cameras are installed in the cities. Thus, it is possible to prevent a terrorist attack, like a bomb in the subway. If it is noticed in time, police will have time to evacuate people. In addition, you can speculate how these national security measures are effective in practice.

Foreign and Inner Policy

Politics of terror is a consequence of infringement of some minority rights. A very small percentage of terror acts is violence for the sake of violence itself. If people are desperate and don`t have the possibility (or willing) to confront the world in a peaceful way, they will step on the path of military aggression. For them it is like a response to government. Thus terror dependents on foreign and inner policy of certain country. Sometimes, hundreds of innocent people are killed because of the wrong actions of the political elite. The less country government provokes the opposition, the less is a risk of terrorist attack.

Running Crowd

Crowds and Media

As you can see, the victims of terrorists are often crowds: at the airport, in the central squares, in the airplanes. Therefore, in order to prevent the tragedy, all public events are protected by law enforcement agencies. Also, terrorists need the publicity, so that all the grand events that are translated online, like concerts, sporting events, etc., need special security level. Think about how to ensure the safety of citizens at such events.

Not Protection, But Preparation

Unfortunately, the truth is that you can`t protect yourself from such attacks. The time and the place is impossible to predict. No one knows when the tragedy can happen. Often, the fact that a terrorist act was planned, we will discover in a few years afterwards. You may stay in the house, may not go to concerts and festivals, but there is a huge chance not only to protect yourself, but also to become paranoid. There are centers for victims and first aid courses in the towns. You can tell about the activities of these institutions. How do they help people?

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