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Tech Essay Topics: 10 Technological Trends to Change the World. Part 2

You can find the first 5 topics in the previous article on WriteMyPaper.io blog. Check the following list and choose the topic for your tech essay for sure.

  • 6. Babel Fish

    It is a fictional creature from Douglas Adams’s book series “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.” There it is a kind of an organic brain implant allowing its carrier to understand any language. The fish translates the alien speech in real-time mode and can trespass the signal directly into carrier’s brain.

    Babel Fish

    Existing technologies are not that advanced yet, but they have some skill. Google announced headphones called “Pixel Buds.” In addition to regular functions they can translate a speech in a foreign language in real time with the help of the voice assistant.

    The device is being developed now. But everyone can gain access to the basic voice translation technology with their smartphone. Microsoft should be mentioned here too. This company introduces real-time translation via Skype app.

    With these things going on, humanity would invent its own Babel Fish soon. What cultural changes wait for us all after that?

  • 7. Clean Energy

    Natural gas is a cheap and accessible energy source. With its help, the US produces 30% of electricity, and the whole world gets 22% of energy from it. But it pollutes the environment severely.

    An American startup NetPower built an experimental energy plant in Houston. Carbon dioxide produced when natural gas burns out can be recycled there and then sold to other companies. With the help of the new technology, it is possible not only to solve ecological problems but to lower electricity production costs too.

    Energy is what humans are going to need forever. New technologies in this field mean significant changes in our lives. What will they be? Can they have positive or negative consequences?

  • 8. Anonymity in the Web

    Zero-Knowledge Proof is the protocol able to protect personal data on the Web. It has become extremely popular thanks to the Zcash cryptocurrency launched in 2016. Developers used the newest method called zk-SNARK so their users could perform anonymous transactions.

    Transactions are visible to everyone in most public blockchain services. In theory, they are anonymous. But by using certain data pieces from other sources, it is possible to track the user. The developers say zk-SNARK is a “game-changing technology.”

    Banks will be able to provide payment procedures without revealing their clients’ personal data. Regular users will gain benefit too. For instance, they can prove there are enough funds on their card without the need to disclose their bank account information.

    Still, a lot of work must be done here. Technologies are too slow and require additional settings. But in the future the blockchain will be able to change online rules completely. Is Web anonymity good or bad for a regular user? What do you think?

  • 9. Genetic Prognoses

    The most widespread diseases, character features, and intellect level of a human depend not on one or several genes, but on their combinations. By using the data of serious genetic studies, scientists could develop so-called polygenic risk assessments.

    New DNA tests will help in the process of creation of more effective medicines. Pharmacy companies will use results of tests in lab researches to test new experimental cures on people in risk group of a certain disease like Alzheimer’s.

    The problem of DNA tests is that in addition to illnesses and pathologies they can reveal character features and even the level of person’s intelligence. On the one hand, this is good. On the other hand, nobody can know how teachers and parents will use this information. How will the process of upbringing children change when parents find their child’s intellectual level is low?

    Sounds like a perfect topic for many essays, doesn’t it? If it’s interesting to you, on this site you can buy an essay sample about such innovation from an expert writer.

  • 10. Quantum Computers

    For a long time chemists have been dreaming about effective medicines based on new proteins, about powerful batteries and materials able to turn sunlight into a liquid fuel. They don’t have these things because it is very difficult to model molecules with the help of modern computers. They lack performance.

    Quantum Computer Essay

    Try to imitate electrons moving even in a simple molecule, and you face great difficulties at once. But things are going to change soon. Researchers from IBM Company have recently modeled a molecule with the help of a 7-qubit quantum computer. With time, researchers will be able to model more complicated molecules and their combinations with the help of machines, having more qubits at their disposal.

These were 10 topics for your essay on technological trends of the future. Try to think them out and choose the one that fits you most. Or you can order a paper from professional writers ready to help you with it.

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