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Tech Essay Topics: 10 Technological Trends to Change the World. Part 1

Artificial embryos, neural networks able to imagine, anonymous Internet, and other unthinkable things are becoming real with every passing minute. If you are a student looking for topics to write an essay about future technologies and trends, then this article is going to be helpful for you.

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  • 1. 3D Printing with Metals

    3D printing technology has remained popular only among amateurs and designers for decades. They used it to create plastic prototypes for their projects because it was an impossibly long and incredibly expensive process to print something with other materials like metals.

    Modern 3D printing allows to created needed objects from any material, including metal. This means that facilities don’t have to keep thousands of details somewhere in their warehouses. They can produce and send an order to a client soon after they get it. In a long-term perspective, factories will become more universal. Producers will be able to create details of any difficulty without additional equipment.

  • 2. Artificial Embryos

    Scientists could create artificial mouse embryos from stem cells. This achievement opens new possibilities for humanity to understand how the life started to exist. Scientists knew stem cells had great potential. But nobody could ever imagine that they can create such complicated structures on their own.

    Their next step is to create an artificial embryo from stem cells of a human.

    Artificial human embryos will help us study the Life. But a set of ethical questions appears in that case. What if they are completely equal to real embryos? How much time passes for them to grow in a lab before they start feeling pain?

    That’s a very wide and controversial topic for an essay, isn’t it? But our writers can help you deal with it if you’ve got interested.

  • 3. Smart City

    A “smart city” yet remains a fantasy. All plans on creating that type of infrastructure remain on paper. Still, some companies are going to rethink this idea and to build city districts based on the newest digital technologies.

    Smart City Essay

    They plan to place numerous sensors which could gather information about the city and its citizens. The plans of their projects include automated transport vehicles and robots working in a subway. Additionally, they plan to spread all their software on the open-source basis, so developers could create their own services and introduce them into the system.

    Companies want to look after city social life attentively. That is the reason for citizens to be worried. How should their personal information be protected in that case? Still, companies think they can solve that issue.

    And what do you think?

  • 4. Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an expensive toy for big companies like Amazon, Baidu, Microsoft, and Google. For others, it is an expensive and complicated instrument. But industry giants plan to place their software on cloud services, so others could use them.

    It is impossible to guess which company should become the leader in that market. In any case, consumers would win. Don’t you agree?

  • 5. Neural Networks

    Artificial intelligence is perfect to sort things. Show it a million photos and it will determine the one with a pedestrian crossing the road among them with incredible preciseness. But AI lacks the ability to create something on its own. If artificial intelligence could have imagination, it could use that ability in learning. For example, a neural network in a car could learn how to notice humans on the road without leaving a garage.

    With that ability AI could learn to understand the world much better. Would it be good or bad? Can it bring prosperity to humans or destroy our civilization?

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