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Studying Tips and Advice from A+ Students

A+ Student

The key to becoming an excellent student is to find the different method or approach so to make yourself interested in the subject you have to study. Those who managed to do this now get A-/A+ grades only. Here are some wonderful studying tips on how to make it work and become an excellent student yourself

Split Your Studying

If you know you need to read a specified book for your exam, divide all the chapters into particular parts and set the time when you have to read them. Plan out a schedule that will work for you, it could be a couple of pages each day or 2-3 chapters during one particular day each week, as an example. Also, don't forget to take some breaks while reading so your brains can absorb the information. You can read few chapters then do other stuff for 10-15 minutes and get back to reading again. This will make memorizing of the information much easier for you.

No Procrastination

You better get rid of this evil habit. Procrastination only leads to stress and insufficient completing of the assignments as there is no way you can complete a well-written 20-page paper within one evening. If it's hard for you to immediately start planning your time and doing everything step-by-step. Procrastinate on the subjects you have no problems with and which are easy for you to study. And try to avoid doing unnecessary stuff while studying, make sure you have a special place and turn off all the possible distractions. If you manage to make this harmful habit disappear you will always be on top of your assignments!

Notes and Highlighting

While reading the material use a pencil or a marker to highlight the key information. And have a notebook where you can leave the notes regarding all the data you have consumed. If you can't understand some parts of the reading, always leave a question mark or another sign and get back to it later. After completing the reading of each chapter, try to summarize it in your own words and write it down. This will make the information even more comprehensible to you and will surely help to memorize everything.

Make Yourself Focused

Always try to create a 'studying atmosphere' before you actually begin. This will help your brains to be prepared and block all the troublesome thoughts. If you know there is something particular you can do to make you focus (some prefer music, for example) then do it. Make sure everything in your room says it's time for a studying session and you will have no problems with making yourself concentrated.

Have a Study Friend

Reading Students

There definitely should be a person who can help you with studying. You can ask each other questions or make debates and discussions on the topic of your classes. Besides, you can also help one another in case one of you miss a lecture. Who knows, maybe this person will become your best friend one day.

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