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Students with Their Traditions and History

Discover more about studentship to know the history of the group you belong to.

Ovidius was the first one to use a term “student”

We appreciate Ovidius not only for being a wise man and a great Roman poet, but for using the term “student” for the first time. Translated from Latin language, this word means a “person who works and studies hard”. Nowadays we do not always exactly represent the type, described by the poet, but we are grateful for uniting young studying people from all over the world by giving them one name.

Students give names to many things

Most of the times it happens not intentionally, but it is the fact. For example, in 1950s the students from the Yale University would spend their free time throwing the tin “saucers” from the pies of the Frisbie Pie Company. The name “frisbie” has become so popular among the students playing that game, that when another company was launching a new product – flying “plates” for spending a great time with your friends, they only changed one letter. That is how the students gave Frisbee its name.

Other popular items that got their name with the help of students are penny-loafers – classical men shoes. According to one of the versions, students used to put a penny into a diamond-shaped slit in their shoes, which was supposed to bring them luck on the exam.

Sleeping room

Sleeping room

It is not a secret that most of the students do not get enough sleep and quite often feel extremely tired during their classes. That is a reason why in one of the French colleges there appeared a unique sleeping room, where every student can rest when he/she has some time between the classes. However, the rules of using this room are quite strict – you are not allowed to eat, smoke, be loud, listen to music and kiss when you are in this place.

Students` impact on psychology is immeasurable

Many researchers claim that psychology has a second, unofficial but an extremely suitable name – “a science about the students of the second year and the white rats”. This name is explained by the fact that most psychological experiments are made on those two – the students and the rats. Quite an interesting combination, isn’t it?

The shortest recommendation letter

Do you remember an outstanding movie “A beautiful mind” with an amazing Russell Crowe? John Nash, played by the great actor, was a real man, who has got the shortest recommendation letter in history when he graduated from university. There were only five short words: “This man is a genius!”

Honor code

Honor Code

In some universities there are no teachers on the writing tests, as they completely trust their students and believe that those would not cheat. The reason for such a deep trust is an Honor Code, followed be all the students strictly and precisely. Violation of this Code can be followed by a temporary suspension or a total expulsion from the university.

364,4 Smoots and 1 ear

This is another example of giving names to various things, this time – to the unit of length. In 1958 students from Harvard University decided to measure the bridge and used… Oliver Smoot for this reason! The young man was 170 centimeters tall at that time, so his friends moved him around the bridge, measuring its length.

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