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Student Vacation: How to Rest without Getting More Tired

What to do and not to do in order to come back to studying regime, and to stay cheerful and fresh at the same time? See answers below.

Student Resting

Choose Activities which Are Opposite to Studying

Activate resources you do not use every day. If you sit alone with the books at home for a long time, then go skating with others or visit a weekly dance-party for students. If you have to communicate with other people much while studying, then replace that communication with book reading in order to rest.

Allow Yourself Slowing Down

Of course, you want to be everywhere in time, to visit all parties and cinema premieres, to go skiing, to visit relatives and so on. Still, you don’t have to do EVERYTHING. Don’t hang out if you don’t want to, let your body and mind be lazy.

Avoid Unpleasant Talk Topics

Stand against your temptation to discuss political events, questions of discrimination about a certain social group, warfare news and conflict situations. Don’t go in for heavy disputes that leave you exhausted as a result. Talk about something pleasant, distract from stress and don’t dive into it.

Move More

You shouldn’t spend weekends or vacations staying in bed all the time. Physical activity stimulates happiness hormone (endorphin) production in your body. So, even a simple walk in a part will make you feel yourself more happy and cheerful.

Control Alcohol

Parties and holidays are rare to be without alcohol, but you shouldn’t drink too much. First’ alcohol makes stress stronger. Second, a severe hangover is exhausting.

Do not Overeat

Too much tasty food can turn into your body’s weakness and sleepiness, because you waste energy to consume those numerous meals. You can allow yourself an eating holiday once in a vacation time, but don’t stay behind the kitchen table for too long: otherwise, you won’t have energy to do other pleasant things.

Have a Good Sleep

If you are an “owl”, not a “lark”, be realistic and don’t plan things for early morning. For your brain’s activity, it is important to sleep well. And if you can't allow yourself getting up from the bed lately on weekdays because of lectures and exams, use your student vacation to have a perfect sleep.

Keep up to Daily Regime

You finally can fall asleep in the morning and wake up with a sunset. Still, it is not worth to do that. When you constantly stay in the dark, the organism produces more melatonin that causes sleepiness. When there is no natural light outside, serotonin level decreases, and you risk becoming more sad or even falling into depression.

Postpone Home Tasks

Routine things like floor cleaning or dish washing are to be done, of course. Still, you better postpone spring-cleaning procedures or home repairs. Vacation spent with house cleaning or drilling walls is not something you would like to remember as a cool leisure time, for sure.

Student No Tasks

Plan Entertainment Program

In order not to worry about yourself being unable to find where to go, plan some entertainments in advance. But you shouldn’t make your schedule be too tight. Leave some days for spontaneous hangouts or being lazy-bones.

Try New Things

When you meet something unfamiliar, and deal with it successfully, your brain gets satisfied with the hormone called “dopamine”. Still, experiments show that you need to look for something absolutely unknown to you. Things you have forgotten or those similar to something you already know won’t cause that huge effect.

That was a list of things which might help you spend your student weekends or vacations in an interesting way and have a real rest. Of course, there are many other ways to have a good hangout, and everyone can choose something that fits. But never forget, that a proper resting time is required for you to stay cheerful, full of energy and ready to make serious academic successes.

Rest is a part of studying. So, study well!

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