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Hints for Positive Parent-Student Relationships

There is no need to explain why your parents matter. Although they are the closest ones, we often fail to have really good relationships with them. There may be a plenty of reasons for this, such as a generation gap, different interests and plans. Despite all the misunderstandings, trust and love are the feelings, which you should base your relationships with parents on. Here are the hints how you can improve your communication with the parents.

Hint #1. Keep in touch with your parents.


In order to improve the communication the first thing that you have to do is to make the communication exist. For this, you have to keep in touch with your parents. Try to call them more often, greet when they come back home, inform about the important events in your life and just common things that you would share with your friend.

Hint #2. Learn what they are interested in.

Ask your parents about their hobbies, interests and things that they enjoy – and you will learn that taking care of you was not the only activity, which they have been involved into during their whole life. It may appear that your parents are the ones that do not only deserve your love but respect, appreciation and admiration.

Hint #3. Mind your language.

The language of yours is a powerful tool: you can hurt and praise with it, sometimes it can be stronger than the physical influence. The language shapes our thoughts, feelings and conscious. Therefore, remember that your tone and manner of communication with parents must, at least, respectful. They can be your closest friends but you should not forget that you cannot let yourself speak in inappropriate tone with them. Make sure that you never tell a word, which you may regret about in future.

Hint #4. Arrange a vacation together.

Vacation, rest

To know more about your parents you should spend enough time with them. It is a brilliant idea not only to share your difficulties with them and ask for support but also have some fun and rest together. For instance, you may go out, go for a weekend or a vacation together.

Hint #5. Share your plans.

Your parents are the people who care the most about your future. This is why if you do not inform them about your plans and important decisions they may worry a lot. Thus, try to let your parents know about the decisions, which you make for your future, like the profession that you select, moving to a different city, changing the work etc. Sometimes you will be able to get the precious piece of advice from them as your parents, for sure, have more experience than you or your friends.

Hint #6. Say “Thank you”.

These two words seem so common that we even do not notice them. However, being grateful is the smallest thing that we can do for our parents and it is not comparable to what they do for us every day. Thank them when they give you a ride to a college, prepare a dinner or even buy the T-shirt that you do not really like.

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