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Pros and Cons of Single-Sex Schools

Average School

Despite now almost every school is suitable for both genders there still exist single-sex ones. Parents meet with difficult choice what kind of education is better for their kids, as both schooling types have its benefits. Here are some ideas for writing an argumentative essay on this theme, which may help you to do your college task as well.

Specific Subjects

In single gender schools, there is a possibility to introduce some special lessons for boys or girls separately. It may give them a useful life experience and attainments. For example, cooking or needlework for future women and fixing or driving for guys. Furthermore, average lessons may be held according to gender peculiarities, and it will make schooling easier and more effective for children.

Less Competition

It is true that boys, for example, used to compete for girls’ attention by acting silly things, hurting each other, performing pranks and jokes. Sometimes, it may be really dangerous. There can be conflicts because of fellow feeling to the opposite gender and so on.

No Clumsiness

It is well-known fact that many teenagers fell heavy-handedly in front of the other sex. That leads to failures during the lessons, breaks and so on. It is especially actual if one has sympathy to somebody. If the school is considered to be single gender, boys and girls can freely ask teacher various questions without restraint.

Single Sex Class

However, there are disadvantages of such kind of schooling as well, here are the main points.

No Real Experience

After such kind of education boys and girls who didn’t communicate with each other while studying are not ready for the real world. They have no experience how to make contacts with opposite gender, and it becomes difficult to get a soulmate. Moreover, such children, as a rule, aren’t aware of other gender features, mentality, and behavior. They may find it strange and unusual, which lead to various complexes in the future.

Equality Understanding

Single gender schooling can represent wrongly the image of equality between people. Kids may get an opinion that one sex is better than other, and it will make hard for them to find a place in adult life. They rarely communicate with another gender while being at school age and can meet huge disappointment in the future.


Despite it is considered to claim stereotypes unfair and wrong, it still can be useful in life events. Kids can get it while educating in single sex school. As a result, they have no imagination how to act in a certain situation and what to expect from the other people.

To sum up, single gender schooling has both pluses and minuses, and it mostly depends on family traditions and mentality what kind of education to choose for their kids. However, it has to be mentioned that school is a great place to get experience and be ready for adulthood and same sex isn’t suitable for it.

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