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High School Senior Year and Way to Easily Survive It

Depressed Student

Well, it's official: only a few more weeks and you are a graduating student. Between trying to make the right job decision, answering all the possible career questions from the curious relatives, pretending like grades still matter to you and other things, it's almost impossible to stay focused on the last couple of weeks of high school life. Don't get upset, all the students come through this and here are some good tips on how to survive the final semester:

Try a New Activity

At this period of your life, you have probably get used to the same routine. Every single day looks exactly the same as the previous one and it has been lasting for years now. Time to change this, try something you have never done before, like join a new club. In order to feel confident and comfortable in college, you have to learn to step out of your comfort zone. Besides, keeping yourself busy will help you to deal with stressful feelings caused by all the preparations for the finals. So at the beginning of the semester try to do some research and look for the clubs you'd like to join and ask their leaders all the questions you might have.

Live Here and Now

Yes, in just a small period of time you will leave this place and move on to bigger and better things. With all the exciting and scaring feelings mixed together, it's impossible to not think about what future is holding for you. Try to not be too focused on all that stuff as you may miss out this precious last time in your high school. Make sure to take the most of each day and make more and more new memories. Meet your friends, cook with your mother, play with your siblings (if you have any) because you will surely miss them all a year from now.

No Drama!

High School Drama

Your remaining time in high school is limited so why to spend it being stressed out? Start your semester as a more mature person and try to act like one. Stay clear of gossiping and be more patient to your friends and relatives. In every situation do your best to listen to the other person before getting angry and mad. After all, it's doubtfully you'd like to look back at your final year in high school and realize you have spent it caught up in stuff you don't care about now.

Learn to Plan

For every student, the final semester is the craziest and the busiest period they have ever experienced in their life. There are so many things you have to think about: the outfit, grades, finals, college decision, etc. It can be very hard to keep track of everything and don't miss out something important. It's time to become more organized. Buy a notebook and keep notes of everything: due dates, tests days, different appointments, peculiar ideas, dreams and other necessary things you have in mind. This will help you to avoid procrastinating and overloading yourself but still have everything done in time.

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