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School Uniforms: Why Is Their Introducing a Good Idea?

School Uniform

A great deal of arguments for school uniforms and plenty of counterarguments exist. Some schools still use it; others have no special dress code. Another thing that is worth noticing is that young people do not like to garment stringent uniform at school, most of them find it uncomfortable, ugly or they just don’t like that all students look similar to each other.

On the other side, parents, pedagogues, and other school stuff usually advocate for school uniform, because it honestly has several pluses.

No Social Inequity

The major cause why applying school uniforms is a great thing is that inequity between children will become almost impossible. It will help to teach the youth that all of us are equal despite their social status, income, job etc.

Furthermore, the difference between wealthy and poor students, which can’t buy costly clothes will be excluded. So, the level of cruelty in schools will be decreased since teenagers don’t have to tease each other based on appearance. Also, availability of school uniform will make thievery of shoes and clothes impossible, because everybody has to wear the identical things.

Decent Appearance

If everybody has to wear a uniform, it means that school administration doesn’t have to control everyone’s look from day to day. In case a school has established a standard of student’s clothes, accepted by both school stuff and parents, schoolboys and schoolgirls won’t be able to wear shorts, too short dresses or mini-skirts while they are at school.

Despite the common opinion, modern school uniforms can be pretty new-fashioned and practical, and even the most demanding kids will like them.

Discipline and Team Spirit

Team Spirit

The strict uniform will promote a tight rein at school. In addition, it will develop seriousness and demureness. These qualities assist pupils to study better and to be more responsible concerning their education. Furthermore, kids will get ready that at work everyone must wear a uniform too, or at least official clothing.

Also, uniform allows to unite all students of a certain school; they start to feel like one big team, so many tasks will become much easier for the pupils. Also, it is significant that teenagers won`t be able to divide themselves into several small groups, which usually treat each other. People in these groups usually garment similar costumes, and uniform will cancel this possibility.

Spend Less Money

Saving Money

Those pros of school uniform are mainly for parents. They don’t need to spend a lot of resources to buy new trendy clothes for their kids, who like to brag brandy garments afore their peers. What is more, one uniform can be used for several years till it will not be too small for a student or just disrupted. In most cases, standard uniform doesn’t cost much, so all pupils can afford it. Thereby, parents save much money and keep it on something more important, for example to pay for college or university education.

All in all, nowadays the amount of schools which provide school uniforms grows. It certainly saves a lot of time and money, makes everyday life at school easier both for pupils and school staff, diminishes the number of conflicts on the basis of clothing.

On the other side, it takes away several children’s rights, they can’t demonstrate their identity while wearing the similar apparel. So, kids and their parents need to discuss all pluses and minuses of school uniform before entering a certain institution.

It Is Not That Easy as It Seems

If wearing a uniform seems like a good idea and everyone agree, there are still some arguments against this notion. To beat them up you need to know them as well. So, before musing on a good side of wearing the uniforms you firstly should bear in mind the opposites and try to contradict them as well.

And Where Is Individualism?

People ask: how can a child develop as a personality if everyone looks the same? What about a freedom to wear whatever you want?

The answer: If some kids really think that dressing up how they want will really express their identity and increase self-esteem, we must disappoint them. No doubts, such argument takes place but only in their teens when young people have an urgent need to show the world who they are and what they can. And lucky they are, the possibility exists and it is being expressed in actions, behaviors and attitudes towards their classmates as well as adults.

Moreover, classes usually do not last the whole day and kids have much possibilities to wear what they want outside school and during school they better concentrate on the study process and not what everyone is wearing.

Is It Really That Budget?

Some private schools where uniforms are being an obligation do have really high prices on clothes and as a kid constantly grows they need to be sewed or bought all the time. Besides, some institutions have different kinds of uniforms for various occasions which is also a burden on parents’ pockets.

The answer: No matter how expensive a uniform can be, it will not be equivalent to an annual outcome for clothes for a kid. A uniform is being bought not for a day for a long-lasting period and that is why a quality of the material really matters. Thus, based on that factor, the prices really rise as well.

Allegedly, school institutions permanently offer help for parents with a low income who cannot afford buying a uniform and they also have a chance to buy it from the older pupils.

Wearing a uniform like all other people in school evokes a feeling of belonging to a community, a feeling of being united to some institution (a school where a kid studies in our case) which cares of them and gives them what they come for. It gives a school spirit which is to be presented in every pupil’s life.

According to some surveys we thank to the uniforms for stopping judging people based on their look. Children do not feel that separate when being worn similar gowns and they experience less mocking by others as well.

We can state a lot of other advantages of wearing a school uniform but better ask people who did not wear them at all and they will tell you even more of them.

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