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Robocops’ Principles for an Iron Will


Well-known movie character Robocop of the eponymous sci-fi movie gives us some pieces of advice about the development of a steel discipline and an iron will. He knows how to do it because his principles of life are stronger than death and the rules of others.

Inner Directives

The inner directives – this is your life compass. Your rules of conduct, which you will follow no matter how. Without them, you are not a whole person, you can be easily pushed around and manipulated. You will become strong and disciplined, but if you abide strictly by the inner rules. You will never turn a hair. Yes, you may suffer because of your fidelity to principles. Who said it would be easy?

If you still do not have your own inner directives of conduct, it is time to fix it. Right now, write them down on paper and always follow them, even when people will try to offer the favorable conditions for you to retreat. It should be as the internal rules of behavior that you cannot break because of responsibility as external social rules of interaction with the others.

Balanced Diet

The human’s body is a bio machine that constantly requires energy. Try to not overdo it with the fuel or, conversely, to create the deficit. Especially, do not expose it to a risk of failure with poor-quality products and fast food. We need to eat for our bio machines to serve for a long time, and take only preventive care in health facilities.

Eat only what is necessary and useful for the organism, develop your diet and follow it. Avoid fast food, sweets, excessive consumption of alcohol. More fruit, vegetables, nuts and, of course, as much as possible apple puree.

Hone Your Skills

If you do some interesting work, hone your skills in it, but every day, every week, every month – until the end of life. Do not get upset if something does not work the way you want. It is a long way to go and you have to pass it.

Develop the skills in everything that is interesting for you: writing, swimming, negotiation, public speaking, driving, shooting. Like a robot, everyday approach to a matter with full responsibility and pump over your skills.

After a long time, you will enjoy your achievements, not as something extraordinary, but as usual skill, brought by you to automatism.

Avoid Negative People

Happy People

Negative minded people always hamper your development, impede you to do your tasks and often drain your emotional energy. Surround yourself with positive people that are respectively related to life and other people. Who exactly will come to help in difficult situations, will not grumble and ask awkward questions about your past and present.

You will notice that sooner your reality will change with the new people who radiate confidence and positive life. You can achieve more in the proper environment. All that pulls you back must be excluded from your life forever!

Follow Your Mission

Understand your own values, register your goals and finally define the mission of your life. Follow it no matter how, when you feel bad, lonely, when you are broken, burned out. Robocop fully confirms this idea with his actions.

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