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Choosing Right Major and Working Field

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Lots of students struggle to find out which specialization or major would be the most interesting for them and what profession to choose in the future. Tons of people are working at jobs they hate, and wish to change something. Thus, making a right choice after finishing high school is very important.

Tip # 1 Gap Year

If you have finished school and still have no idea which major to choose in the future, the best decision would be to take a gap year. Lots of students around the world take this year to «find themselves», especially if they have no other possibilities. During this year you can try to learn some subjects online or read special literature in order to understand if the chosen topic is interesting for you.

Tip # 2 Explore The Work Field

If you chose a major but are not quite sure about it, ask those people who have already finished it. They can give you realistic picture about your future profession. For example, if you see that most of the graduates are unemployed or it’s hard for them to find a job after learning certain major, you still have time to consider if you really want to spend 2-4 years of your life for that.

Tip # 3 Career Guidance Test

Psychologists around the world created a great variety of tests which can help you to choose your field of studies. For example, John Holland created a test of career guidance, where he splits all people into six main types of personalities.

Type # 1 REALISTIC– People of this type like to work with hands, as well as like working alone. The best professions for them would be a pilot, a farmer, an engineer etc.

Type # 2 INVESTIGATIVE – Likes to search and do experiments. Best jobs would be: a dentist, a chemist, working at medical service.

Type # 3 ARTISTIC – People of this type like creating new things; they have vivid imagination and can work when they are inspired. They love expressing themselves. The best professions would be: a photographer, a singer, an artist, an actor, or fashion designer.

Type # 4 SOCIAL – This type of personality likes working with others, teaching, helping and serving others. The best professions would be: a teacher, a nurse, a councilor, and a police officer.

Type # 5 ENTERPRISING – These people are usually extroverted and love taking challenges. The best jobs: a sales person, a politician, a manager etc.

Type # 6 CONVENTIONAL – These people are usually conservative and like organizing and working indoors. The best jobs: secretary, receptionist, office worker, banker etc.

After taking such a test you might realize that you have, let’s say, realistic type of personality. That means that this type is dominant to you, but along with that you may have one or two additional types.

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