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Racial Discrimination Essay

Ghetto District

Racial discrimination has become a worldwide problem, it affects various spheres of people’s lives and influences country’s economic and political state. There are many reports, books and speeches about its harmfulness for society, however, it still exists. People are judged because of their skin color, eyes shape and other things that show ethnical identity. Here are several points about racial discrimination and its impact on the community. 


Children are often discriminated while schooling, sometimes teacher’s attitude shows it or even school entering rules. Other kids can start bullying ones who has different skin color. However, it is wrong as all people have equal rights for education and their intelligence and attainments don’t depend on their ethnical identity.

Getting a Job

It is a common thing when the employer pays attention to the race of hired worker. It hurts people as well, because their professional skills don’t get worse if they have darker skin color. However, often hirers prefer to choose people of the similar race while other are even more suitable for that job. It has a bad impact on various fields of activities: manufacturing, medicine, education and so on. At the job interview, candidates should only be judged according to their attainments and professional features that support general and local development in the certain county. 

Chinese People

Morality Decreasing

The prevalence of racial discrimination in everyday life causes decreasing of community moral and makes people thick-skinned and disrespectful to each other. Moreover, kids suffer as they don’t understand the statement of everyone’s equality. It leads to children’s wrongful behavior, abusing each other and absence of the most significant human’s qualities as tolerance and patience.

Discrimination Is Everywhere

You can meet racism in any public place, in stores or markets, in clinic and police offices, in cafes and restaurants. You should be aware of your rights if becoming a victim of discrimination. It is terrible to see somebody with black skin is forbidden to enter the club, but white people can do it freely. It shows how immoral the community is.


Racial prejudgments can become the reason of refusing in house renting as well. However, even the certain districts where only one ethnic group lives appear in a city as small independent establishments, they are called “ghetto” as a rule. They are poor usually, and people have bad life conditions there. It is a proved opinion that such places provide crimes and are the area of spreading of illnesses and infections. It all occurs because people of a certain race were forbidden to live in developed city districts.

To sum up, the problem of racial discrimination is now on its top. That’s why, the government of certain countries which suffer from it has to prove reforms and policy that is able to support the victims of discrimination. Moreover, it should be taught to kids at schools that all people are equal and being tolerant to each other is the thing that establishes peace and calm in society. If you see the event while someone is discriminated because of its skin tone, you shouldn’t stay away. Support this person and help him or her to prove the common people’s rights.   

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