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Punctuality: Develop the Feature in Yourself

Even though you may think that being late is not that big problem, many would disagree with you. In some cultures time is highly valued, and even a five minute tardiness would be considered unacceptably rude. If others wait for you, you automatically become a thief of their time. Arriving late for a lecture will immediately leave a negative impression of you on your professor, interrupted mid-thought and disrespected. Moreover, if it becomes a habit, you will even stop noticing how much discomfort you are bringing to those around you, be it your groupmates, professors, colleagues or even friends and family. On the other hand, if you are punctual, people will consider you a professional, accurate and respectable person. So, how can you eradicate this bad habit with its roots?

Organize yourself

Having the whole day planned out for you, with the time frames of your activities clearly noted, will help you a lot. Pay special attention to how much time will be spend on the road. Write down the minutes you will need to prepare yourself and get to class, and leave an extra mark if you have to go early to make it to that appointment after class. Do not overstress yourself, leave a space for a break in your timetable, and little by little, you will make a habit out of being punctual.

Looking at timetable

Adjust your watch

Invest in a beautiful watch. It might sound like a silly advice, but having a good watch will make you look at it more, and thus you will be more aware of how much time has passed, and how much time you have left. Another tip is to set it 10 minutes late, this way you will always have ten minutes at your disposal to be on top of the game.

Plan your outfit in advance

A cause for being late often is your appearance. Sometimes you just cannot quickly choose what you will wear during the whole day, and end up spending a few extra minutes at the mirror matching your socks to your shoes, or your shirt to your tie. Other times, you run around the house looking for that one pair of ironed trousers you had somewhere. In any case, if you learn to plan your outfit the night before, it will considerably save your time. The same goes for the things you need to take with you. Make a list and check all the items beforehand.

Late for a deadline

Sometimes you may run late on a deadline on a paper. Do not worry! If you don’t have the time to get to work and do it properly, you may ask for help. We are here to write that paper for you in the set timeframe.

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