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Psychoactive Drug Examples

One Smoking Joint

Everyone ever heard or tried one of these substances; it includes alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine and so on. All of such drugs have a harmful impact on human’s mental and physical health, its trading considered to be illegal in many countries and penalty for it is imprisonment. Here are several examples of psychoactive drugs; it may help while writing an essay on the similar theme.


Its smoking is widespread around the planet; both young and old people do it, men and women, even teenagers are involved. Despite the anti-tobacco campaign, it is still popular and manufacturers of it gets millions of dollars of income. It is well-known fact that tobacco has a harmful impact on human’s health; it causes cancer, heart and skin diseases, asthma, etc. Moreover, it is dangerous for non-smokers as well; there are lots of researches about second-hand smoking and its damage.


It is maybe the most used drug in the world, people drink when they feel down, while celebrating something or just chilling with fellows. In addition, it is not difficult to buy some alcohol drinks in many countries even you are under allowed age. However, this substance is harmful as well. It causes mood changes, damages brain, heart, and liver, the immune system becomes weak and unprotected, and risk of cancer is increased.

Ecstasy Pills


It is known as a club drug, as young people, as a rule, use it while partying to stay up all night. It causes adrenaline rush; gives a great amount of energy and happiness. The effect continues for many hours. However, after drug effect is over, one will definitely feel himself exhausted, tired and depressed. Furthermore, using ecstasy tablets can lead to serious mental issues as paranoia, panic, and depression. Person’s behavior and mood become unstable and unpredictable as well.


It is considered to be a hard drug with strong effect and dangerous backwash. Cocaine is an expensive one, rich and famous artists, politics and sportsmen use it to get high. The trip has a short duration and produces the feeling of happiness, well-being, and comfort. Nevertheless, the comedown has unpleasant impressions us exhaustion and tiredness. It is harmful to one’s health, the brain and nervous system is damaged, memory skills and attention suffer as well. Furthermore, cocaine causes serious addiction.


This one has a large, strong impact on human’s body; it causes such kind of addiction which most people can’t fight with. The small amount of this drug is enough to make one feel safe and happy, but after the effect ends man needs more and more, it becomes impossible to stop. That is why heroin considered to be one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. Using of it leads to the various diseases, damages immune and nervous systems cause changes in the brain, makes a person weak and uncontrollable.

All in all, psychoactive drugs are things that one should definitely avoid in his or her life as it surely will cause addiction. There are many things which aren’t harmful but can bring happiness as well. These examples demonstrate the most common substances in the world and its effect on humans’ bodies.

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