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College Essay Sample: Find Your Type of Productivity


Get ready to be surprised and frustrated, ladies and gentlemen! Perhaps the introduction is a bit commonplace, but this post will contain the information that, I bet you didn`t know before.

Everybody is talking about productivity nowadays. If you`re not one of those people, then, perhaps, you`re talking to the wrong fellas. You need that productivity! Obviously, you`ll find tons of information on this topic if you`re good at Internet surfing.

Tell me how all those tips worked out for you. Let me guess, the results aren`t that impressive, huh?

A recent psychological study has discovered that people have different types of productivity. Partly, that`s why you might need more help with essays but can deal with presentations perfectly by yourself.

Just like we have an individual biological clock which divides us into early birds and night owls, there is a system of division which is applicable in the situation we`re talking about. There are four types of people who have different approaches to the concept of productivity.

If you know your type, it will be much easier for you to get all the work done.

Perhaps, you’ll even want to attend some lectures. Or you`ll want to learn more about the topic. No problem! This article will help you out.

A Prioritizer

To-Do List

No, we didn`t make this up. And yes, this word actually exists. Just read the explanation.

It may sound extremely surprising, but these people like to prioritize. They get their motivation from scaling all activities according to their importance.

Prioritizers rely on logic and common sense. They know exactly what they are going to do in a minute or in one week. Critical thinking and realistic approach to life struggles are their most powerful tools.

You can spot this type of human beings by looking at their desk. Everything is super organized and their homes look like temples of tidiness and order.

If you didn`t get a chance to be invited to their place, just take a closer look at their style of conversation. They aren`t those people who are very generous when it comes to emoticons. Prioritizers are quite reserved, but they are absolutely great at doing some job very fast and effective.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Well, congrats! Now you`re one step closer to becoming the most productive version of yourself.

Prioritizers need organizers of all kinds. Like notebooks, sticky notes, or special apps which will keep things in order. It will help them to feel in control of their life. A to-do list is an absolute must-have for this type of people.

A Planner

It may seem like there is a little difference between a planner and a prioritizer. They have something in common, but they need to choose individual approaches when it comes to productivity. These guys love details, teeny-tiny details that most of us won`t even bother to notice. But not planners! As you might have guessed, they are big fans of planning, so a to-do list is their common accessory as well.

There is a prominent trait which will help you spot a planner. They hate mistakes. They usually seem like pretty chill people, but wrongdoings may drive them crazy. Those humans are perfectionists.

So, their key to productivity is control. They need to be in control of other people’s work, they need to know that they will submit the task in time, and it`s absolutely vital for planners to have a detailed road map of a project. Every insignificant detail should be placed on that map.

An Organizer

These guys are active and emotional, they are full of enthusiasm and positive thinking. Organizers are talkative. You can say that they are a core of a social group. Charming and charismatic creatures who easily get along with everybody around.

Do they really need some extra motivation to stay productive all the time? Yep, they need that productivity like air. Besides, I am not sure whether they can be trusted with super serious projects. They rely mostly on intuition rather than on logical analysis of facts, and this approach can be rather tricky.

Organizers aren`t so good at accepting criticism and they absolutely despise monotonous routine. What`s the best way for those irrational creatures to become more productive? They appreciate aesthetics of the surrounding world, so all kinds of cute and colorful notebooks, pans, artsy stuff on the table are more than welcome. It`s better for them to stay in touch with people via phone calls rather than messages. They love talking because they get their energy from conversations.

By the way, my experience shows that most of really good essay writers have this very type of productivity.

A Visualizer

Creative Person

The weird one. I mean a creative one obviously. But where have you seen a creative person who wouldn`t be a total dork? They are eccentric and have a very original, non-conventional way of thinking.

Visualizers are great at multitasking. What is more, they are more productive when they work under pressure. Those are people who you might characterize as chaotic. Take one glance at their desks and you`ll definitely see all that creativeness and messiness of mind.

Spontaneous nature and a brain full of unusual ideas will be the best possible descriptions for visualizers. If you`re one of those people and you want to be more productive, you need to let go of all socially-accepted rules and let your creativity and eccentricity thrive freely. Surround yourself with bright colors, use a lot of pictures in your projects (these will be a great source of inspiration), and try to train focusing your attention on one activity at a time.

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