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Pre-College Nervousness and Ways to Make It Disappear

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As the day of your departure gets closer, your pre-college nervousness must be constantly getting bigger. While there is nothing bad in being afraid of what is awaiting you in college, it may be very hard to live with this feeling when it’s summer outside and you, like any other person, want to get the most of it. Here are some ways to ease your nervousness down, you might wish to check them, who knows, maybe you’ll find something useful for you.

Find a College Friend

Who else can help you to get rid of the feelings of fear and anxiety besides a person who has been in your shoes and can perfectly understand what you’re experiencing right now. So reach out to your friends who are already students or get to know ones. Believe me, their stories about being freshmen will surely help you to see what college life is really like. Just don’t take everything seriously, different schools have different rules and traditions, so if one of your friends told you a crazy story about his participation in a naked midnight run, that doesn’t mean you will have to do this too.

Transform Your Nervousness into Positive Energy

You are nervous, and your anxious energy can get out of you in different unhealthy ways, like crying, not eating, etc. In order to not become a wrecked piece of a mess, you have to learn to transform your energy into something useful, like preparing lists of things you need to purchase, searching for interesting dorm room decorations, packing. All these activities will help you to keep yourself busy and feel calmer and prepared for what is awaiting you ahead.

Learn New Skills

It’s another good way to transform your anxiety into something more productive. Nervous about all the housework you will have to do living on your own? Gain a couple of useful skills and help yourself to become calmer and more self-confident! Ask your mom to show and tell you tips on how to do the laundry (yes, that’s not as easy as it may seem) or find a couple of good recipes and work on your cooking abilities. You will become aware of those living-on-your-own businesses you’ll have to handle and that will help you to ease some of your nerves as well.

Have a Positive Attitude

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Humor is one of the best ways to live through something that scares you as it helps to see everything from the completely different angle. A lot of psychologists suggest people to get rid of their fears by turning them into something comic and hilarious. Watch some of the funny movies about the college life, read some blogs, talk to your relatives and ask them to tell you a couple of crazy stories about their college experiences, etc. No matter what you do, look at the situation you are afraid of in a new way. That will definitely help you to get rid of your anxiety in no time!

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