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Reasons Why Part-Time Job Is Harmful to Studying

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It is not a secret that the majority of students have a part-time job. They do different things from babysitting and cleaning to the development of complicated computer programs. Usually, teenagers earn not much money, but it helps them to become more independent from their parents anyway. They stop asking adults for financial support and know how to plan their budget correctly. Without any doubts, this is a very significant experience. However, having a part-time job may become the reason for bad grades at college and even cause dropping out. Of course, this sounds very unpleasant but it is true. Lots of students are trapped in such a situation every year. That is why our team prepared some significant reasons why you should not try to combine work and studying.

Chronic Tiredness

It is true that if you try to work and do your college tasks at the same time, you will be very tired and even exhausted at the end of the day. It is a typical situation when young people study in the morning and then continue their day working at a part-time job. As a result, they come back home late in the evening and have no power to do anything. Sure, such a lifestyle may cause chronic stress, anxiety or depression. Moreover, your productivity will become lower if you do not have enough rest.

Bad Grades

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It is quite hard to complete all your home tasks and learn things at college if you have a job. You will probably spend at your workplace at least half a day or your weekends. So, there may be not enough time to cope with homework in a good way. Moreover, it means that you will have less time for preparation to exams. It usually results in a bad quality of knowledge and skills. Sure, it is very unpleasant when a teacher punishes you with negative marks just because you have not enough time to complete your homework.

Dropping Out

It is true that many students drop out because they have a job. It is just impossible for them to continue studying. Sure, this is very unpleasant as a young person has spent a lot of time and effort for studying and then he or she gets no degree. Moreover, this is always a cause for serious conflict in the family. Your parents will be probably worried because of your failure. As a result, you will have to find another way to get an education or choose to work instead of studying.

All in all, having a part-time job may be not as beneficial as you think because not all students can deal with combining studying and working. In many cases, it leads to problem and conflicts with relatives, who want you to give up your job and start learning things at college. 

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