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Relationship with Parents or Maturity in Your Twenties

Relationship with Parents

The moment you enter the university your whole life turns upside down. Everything changes, and more importantly, you`re the one who is experiencing the biggest change. Views, tastes, and people who surround you. Do you think all you had as a teenager will follow you into a more mature life of a college student? It rarely happens, sorry about that. Psychologists suggest it`s unlikely that you`ll still be keeping in touch with your high-school friends.

The main reason is that the university brings so different stuff in your life. New activities and new people will become a part of your routine. But you know what people will definitely stay with you? The parents, of course! Despite the fact that parents will always be there for you no matter what, the relationship with them goes through some major changes as well.

In your early twenties, you simply don`t feel like a kid anymore, you feel like you`re in control of your own life and you don`t want anybody to push your around. It`s important to have a strong connection with your family because it provides the best support to you. So, how can you be friends with parents in your twenties? WriteMyPaper answers.

Screaming “I`m an Adult” Won`t Help

Childish Adult

I guess it`s not big news that our parents think of us as their little immature babies, no matter how old we are. You can be a multi-billionaire and be incredibly cool and influential, and still your mom will be calling you demanding a report about what you had for breakfast. There is a lot you can do to prove your parents that you`re an adult human being. You can be successful in your studying, career, love life. So many options! But there is one thing that you definitely shouldn`t do.

You shouldn`t run around the house screaming that you`re an adult. Ok, you may not run and the whole conversation may be on the phone, but the point is that you won`t prove anything with your words. It`s even rather childish, to be honest. You see, back in the day when your parents were your age, the main index of maturity was having your own family. Millennials aren`t so eager to get married in their twenties, so for the elder generation you`re still a kid.

Sending SOS Signals Is Alright

“Do me a favor and ask if you need some help”. Alex Turner isn`t a father yet, but this “Arctic Monkeys`” song can definitely become an anthem of all parents whose kids are at college somewhere far away. If you can`t handle the pressure of independent life, you shouldn`t suffer or sacrifice your good sleep, nutrition, the quality of your study just to prove your parents that you`re an adult already. There is this post that we found for you. It will teach you how to show your parents that you`re mature.

One of the signs of maturity is an ability to get over yourself and admit that you need some help. There is nothing wrong with it. Did you fail at managing your monthly budget? Open up to your parents about this misfortune. Being independent and being foolish are two different concepts that you will learn better in your student years. Just don`t overstep the mark when it comes to asking for help. There is no need to call your folks every day when you run out of food.

Be a Good Kiddo and Provide Help to Yourself

What was the last time when parents actually asked you for serious help? Let me guess: you can`t remember that time at all. Because as a kid you were protected from all struggles (emotional and financial) that your parents were going through. But now you should show that you can contribute to your family. Don`t hesitate to offer your help and don`t blow out a chance to do something really significant for the family that has been caring about you through all these years.

Sometimes it is enough to help yourself if you want make life of your parents easier. Just write your essay on your own or earn the money and buy it.

Now you`re ready to talk to your parents like a grown up. Finally! Congrats on that!

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