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Definition Essay on Game Theory: Writing Tips

Chess Game

All the men and women are merely players. Quite a familiar quotation, isn’t it? Yes, you’ve definitely heard it. Okay, your mind is getting closer and closer to the right guess. Shakespeare! Of course. It looks like this ingenious playwright had known something more than three centuries before game theory was developed. 

Definition Essay on Friendship

Best Friends

However exhaustively numerous dictionaries define this word, each of us will definitely add something original, something very personal, to it. Whatever we add to the original meaning of friendship (let’s assume that it exists), it just can’t be wrong. This type of human relations comes in all possible shapes and sizes. So, if you are lucky to be someone’s true friend and to have one or more true friends, your personal understanding of the bonds between you and this person (or these people) is as correct as that of the most progressive psychologist.

Writing: Importance, Planning, Starting


Getting tons of academic assignments every day, a student may think: “do I really need this? What is this for?” I may assure you that skills that you are working to develop at college and university do come in handy in your future. Let us summarize: why does one need writing skills to be developed?

Peer Review: Main Principles of the Assignment

Looking at Classmate

Critical thinking is one of the main features of academic culture. This skill includes a lot of elements such as an ability to review and critically evaluate someone else’s work. Usually, criticizing is understood in a negative meaning, but talking about academic criticizing, it covers such abilities as definition of controversies, analysis, discussing and evaluation, perfoming a review where one needs to specify his/her personal opinion about the paper read.