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Relationship with Parents or Maturity in Your Twenties

Relationship with Parents

The moment you enter the university your whole life turns upside down. Everything changes, and more importantly, you`re the one who is experiencing the biggest change. Views, tastes, and people who surround you. Do you think all you had as a teenager will follow you into a more mature life of a college student? It rarely happens, sorry about that. Psychologists suggest it`s unlikely that you`ll still be keeping in touch with your high-school friends.

Essay About Chaos in Life: SOS!

Mess in the Room

Sometimes there are moments when it seems that everything is falling from the hands: plans are broken, friends do not show you their support, your boyfriend/girlfriend pays too little attention to your problems (or you do not have a sweetheart at all), and you suffer because of lack of happiness in your life. Problems are always accumulating...Actually, it is the only trend in your life. And one day the problems turn into a huge snowball that threatens to crush you. All of it is due to banal stress with which you need to cope urgently. So, how to deal with the chaos in life and put everything in order? See the tips below.

Essay About Ways to Perfect Yourself

Prince and Princess

There is a well-known statement: "Everything must be perfect in a man: face and clothing, soul and thoughts." Perhaps it is hard to argue with this statement, and, besides, there is no reason to do it: modern technology easily solves problems with the first two items (face and clothing), and there is an abundance of techniques that could help you to get your head together. Are you intrigued? Let’s spill the beans.

How to Write an Outstanding Narrative Essay

Thinking Student

Do you have that awful task to write a storytelling essay as your homework? You do not know how to cope with this task, right? Do not hurry to get disappointed! In this blog, you will get acquainted with basic guidelines on how to write a perfect narrative essay. Moreover, you may even like writing it! So, do not waste your precious time and start learning some valuable details about this specific essay.