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Tattoo in a Critical Reflection: Essay Sample


Today the phenomenon of the tattoo is a quite usual element of human appearance on all continents. Typically, the tattoo is widely supported by popular culture, in particular by numerous Hollywood films, what, correspondingly, intensifies the popularity of tattoo in those countries – likewise, East Europe and post-Soviet countries – where it has been considered as a criminal mark. On the contrary, in the regions where the tattoo is an old and far non-original body accessory – the USA, South America, Australia, West and South Europe, etc. – the idea of a tattoo as a sign of conformism and “peacockery” is increasingly discussed.

Paper on Ways to Protect Personal Data on the Internet

World Wide Web

It was reported that a large leak of personal data of users of the Uber application had occurred in 2016. It did not affect the number of bank cards, but the attackers received a list of customers with their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. What if malefactors could receive the data about bank cards and various transactions? Obviously, millions of people would lose their money, and Uber would become the enemy number one to anyone.

What Is the Practical Use of Argumentative Essay Writing?

Student Writing

Any writing is considered to be an indispensable part of personal development. Written exercises help us to develop the way we put our thoughts on paper while remembering the grammar and punctuation. We work on our handwriting to make it clear and readable. Moreover, taking into account the fact that there are many different types of essays, one can practice any of them. In such a way, we broaden our minds and horizons.