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Oral Exam: We Will Write About the Way to Survive

Public Speaking Fear

It goes without saying that exams are always a sad story for students. That’s the time of the year when you need to forget about your own life, lock yourself in a room with books and just study. Even essay help won’t come in handy here, you’re all on your own. Of course, it’s not always like that, because there are students who learn everything during the term and they just need to write down what they know. But anyway, exams are very stressful for everyone.

Since there are two main types of exams – written and oral – you need to prepare yourself for both of them. Exams where you need to talk with your professor in person are a double stress for the students. Sure, you have time to think in both cases, but during a written exam you just write your answer and go, while the oral one requires you to tell your answer out loud. There are many things which can reveal themselves: fear of public responding, excitement about examinations, stress because of the marks and others. It means you need to learn how to speak and cope with the negative emotions.


In general, preparation for the oral exam is the same as for the written one – study all the questions. In the case with the written exam, you may also consult WriteMyPaper.Io if you are unsure of how your notes and answers should look. But if you are afraid of public, you should practice speaking. Firstly, use some video podcasts and try to copy the diction of the speakers. Secondly, normalize the timbre of your voice. Thirdly, work on your facial expressions. You can read about how to use a mirror for practice.

However, the most important time to get prepared is the morning before the exam. So, when you wake up, you should say some motivational words, you should even have a poster where you write special phrases for such cases. You may also do some breathing exercises. Don’t try to remember the information – all the facts, definitions and classifications are in the right place in your head. Eat an easy but high-calorie breakfast, put on your office style clothes and go to exam!

Before Exam

Happy Morning

Adaptation matters. Do not be in a hurry. Come beforehand and discover the surroundings to get your emotions all set. Don’t give in to the panic of other students! Then, you should choose the order for entering the classroom. Students believe that in the forefront there are the stronger and more confident ones. The best is to be the 3rd or the 4th, because you are still in the forefront, but you also have time to calm down.

The more time you have to think about the questions, the better. Don’t let yourself think that you don’t know something – start from the easiest question. Make notes with key points. Smile and be calm and certain when talking.


Facing a professor waiting for you to start talking, there is no need to be nervous – you’ve done everything you could. Sit straight and look confident. When answering, don’t look directly into the eyes, because it may distract you from your thoughts. Look at what you have managed to write like a speaker is using notes during the delivery. In the intonations of your voice inspiration and confidence should sound, but keep it under control, because respect for the professor is also vital. You should watch the professor – whether he or she approves your answer, maybe you need to change your way of talking etc. If you have made a mistake, apologize and give the right answer. If you make it mannerly, you won’t be blamed.

In the end, the most important thing is to stay happy. It doesn’t matter which mark you get – just think of it as of your life experience. 

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