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Online Course: Technical, Time Management Skills and Others

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Lori Picard is the founder of No-Pay MBA. She has completed more than 25 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Now, she gives you some pieces of advice how to study online.

Technical Hints

  • You should open the video from the course in the full screen mode. It is a simple, but a very effective method to avoid the distractions.
  • You have to close all the other windows. This is more radical approach, but it could be an absolutely necessary decision.
  • You should log out of your e-mail and social network, when you study.
  • You are recommended to activate the silent mode on your phone. If it is possible, you should put your phone even in another room.

Time Management Hints

  • You should add time when you study to your schedule. In such a way, you will treat it as your duty.
  • Do not forget to set aside time for studying. You should set reminders in the calendar and phone.
  • You can study online at work, but only if your manager allows you to do that. Almost all the managers are sympathetic to the subordinates’ aspirations of the self-improvement and professional development. Some of them even pay for the certificate courses.

Recommendations from the Experts of MOOC

  • You should use the Promodo technique. As the method “just begin”, the Promodo technique teaches you to work during periods of 25 minutes using the timer. When the time runs out, you will have a break. So, studying at MOOC will become more effective, because you know, that you have to endeavor only to the signal of the timer. You will be able also to absorb knowledge fully because of “fluctuations” between the focused and multiple modes of thinking. Details of this technique are revealed in popular MOOC “Learning how to learn”.
  • You have to listen to the music, which can help you concentrate from the scientific point of view. When you listen to the tracks which are specifically designed to bring your brain into a state of focused awareness, you concentrate more deeply than during listening to the other music. The service Focus@Will will help you.
  • You can add speed. MOOC platforms like Coursera or edX allow you to customize the speed of video playback. Many people recommend to accelerate lecture to the level, which is necessary for the continuous maintenance of attention and the vigilance to keep up.
  • You should make notes. This is the most recommended way to continue learning. You can print notes, draw notes on the tablet or keep the pencil and piece of paper near the computer, because in modern world nothing can beat up the old-fashioned notes.

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