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Weird Essay: How to Make Mistakes and Be More Attractive

Clumsy Person

I don`t know what this essay is going to do with your self-esteem. I guess we`ll just have to wait and see. Don`t worry, you will find no harmful information here – just a certain psychological phenomenon that will seem particularly interesting. Our essay writers like experimenting, but surely not when it comes to our readers.

The human brain is like the most complicated puzzle. You think that one piece has to fit right here to form the full picture, but it just never fits. So, this mysterious machine has another peculiarity that you may be unfamiliar with.

Do you think perfect people exist? It`s not a question to check whether you`re a nice person. Just be honest with yourself. Perhaps, some of you even think of themselves as of flawless creatures. I`m not going to say that it`s bad, no judgment here. Just remember that people like it when “perfect” individuals make mistakes. It`s called a pratfall effect, and it`s a big deal in psychology.

The Origins of a Blemishing Effect

It`s just another scientific term for a pratfall effect. It didn`t make things clearer, did it? Okay, how about one example of a daily situation that will provide you with a less vague view?

Yep, this is a much better approach. So, you walk down the street and see this unbelievably attractive person. You know, this is a moment copied from the best romantic movies. This person, whose appearance you already like and who looks so stunning, just makes some awkward moves and trips.

Will it make you think less of that human being? Does it make you feel less attracted to that clutsy creature? While you`re trying to concentrate your thoughts to come up with an answer, psychology has already answered for you. You`ll like that person even more! Somehow, our brains find it absolutely cute, adorable, and appealing if somebody good-looking stumbles or falls.

I know it may sound like a nonsense, but it`s been proven by science. The first person who described this phenomenon was Elliot Aronson. He has conducted massive research involving a group of students from the University of Minnesota in 1966 and came up with some interesting conclusions.

Drop the Perfection Chasing

Perfect Arrangement of Atoms

Psychologists have discovered that a pratfall effect works much better with men than with women. When a man sees a beautiful, intelligent woman who has embarrassed herself somehow (fell in public, for example), he will immediately find her more attractive. Women, however, are more focused on looking for “a perfect guy”. They aren`t so indulgent to human flaws.

There is one more detail. If a person wasn`t considered to be attractive before an unfortunate incident happened, then the one would seem even less appealing.

I`ve told you that we have a totally messed up brains. Basically, that`s great dating advice psychologists have just provided you with. If you feel like there is some kind of good vibe between you two (and you`re a lady), then just be all clumsy and clutsy. Somehow it is supposed to work out. If it doesn`t, perhaps, you`re doing something wrong. Check this site to see what`s what in more detail.

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