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Writing a Love Letter… Why Not?


Are you looking for some special way to express your feelings to your dearest one or someone you fell in love with? Then why not writing them a real letter? Do you find handwritten letters romantic or at least not ordinary? Well, in a present day world it’s really rare, although your grandparents have probably exchanged lots of them. It seems that as new era of Internet technologies came to our society, we forgot how to be romantic. If you are reading this article now, maybe you are an exception. Here are some advantages that might convince you that writing a love letter can truly be a good idea.

Advantage #1 It Is Going to Be Special

First of all, lately people got used to express their feelings with the help of Internet, e-mails or text messages. But can that even be compared to a handwritten letter? Imagine how special it will look like in your partner’s eyes. Maybe they have never received love letters during the entire life and you’ll be the first one to surprise!

Advantage #2 You Have All The Time in The World

Love isn’t an easy thing, so writing a letter is going to be a little hard for some of us, but agree that it’s much easier than expressing your feelings through eye-to-eye contact, when you can just forget about everything you were planning to say. Here you have all the time in the world to think about what you want to say or correct everything a million times until you like it. No one is pushing you.

Advantage #3 You Can Ask for Advice

Sometimes when we put our feeling on a paper we don’t really think about how it sounds for others, so if you don’t find it too private, you can give this letter to be looked through by your best friend or by someone you trust, so they might tell you what sounds weird in your letter.

Advantage #4 It’s Perfect for the Shy Ones

Have you ever noticed that people on social networks differ from the ones you know in reality? Well, one of the reasons can be their shyness. It’s not easy for everyone to express themselves with words, especially in front of the beloved one. Sometimes even the bravest people are left speechless. So writing a love letter is a great first step to do, after which the only thing you need is to wait for your partner’s reaction.

Advantage #5 You Can Add Something Special

It’s not that difficult to make your letter unique. For example, you can choose a nice paper or stationary. Also you may put flower petals inside, add your favorite teabag, perfume or cologne sprayed on the paper. The most popular for the girls is leaving a lipstick kiss on the paper.

To Write or Not to Write?

In case you are still in doubts if writing a letter is needed, remember that in the end we always regret the things we haven’t done rather than the ones we have. Also, it is always great to tell somebody you love them!

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