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"Learning English" Essay

Language Courses

While electing what language to learn people usually think about English. It is not in vain, lots of opportunities arise for its speakers. Moreover, almost everyone can deal with it at beginnings. Thousands of schools and courses offer help in studying English in the shortest terms. In this article, major pluses of learning this foreign language are demonstrated. It is especially significant to learn for students as they demand such attainments for successful education and getting a well-paid job in the adulthood. In addition, it is much easier to study language at an early age.

World Wide Tongue

There is no doubt that English language is the method of international contact making. People in any part of the world understand it, so one will not stay without help in foreign countries. Signboard in airports and railway stations, signs on the road, names of streets and cities etc. all these things are translated into English to make tourists feel comfortable and safe. Moreover, such points show how developed and open the state is.

Education Abroad

Almost everyone in college dreams to become an exchange student one day or even enter the university in faraway state. To make this desire come true, language skills are needed. Many lectures are carried out in English, so one has to pass some international exams on this subject and if it is successful, he or she gets a right to study abroad. Moreover, that way student gets the ability to communicate with locals without attainments in their mother tongue.

At Job Interview

Job Opportunities

For today, almost all employees demand from workers not only professional specific skills but also fluent English. In many fields it is not a benefit but necessity. For instance, customer service, social sphere, business, trading and so on. There is no chance to get a job a with great salary without language skills. That should be kept in mind by students who expect to find a well-paid workplace after graduation.  

Cultural Development

Being English speaker gives one a possibility to meet foreign culture closer. It is a pleasure to watch films, read books in original without a need for translation. That way the excellence of author can be seen. What’s more, a person becomes more smart and educated. Not only classical works matter, but new creations as well. There is no necessity to wait for subtitles for recent movies or translation for books, which may take months or even years.

Getting Knowledge

Many scientific researches, analyses and other documentation are available only in English. If one speaks fluently, he or she can easily and quickly get attainments in any field. In the Internet, the most feck of web sites are in English as well. One will not be confused, if some material is not accessible in his mother tongue.

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