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Tips for Students: How to be Effective in Your Study

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Many freshmen in a university face with different challenges. One of them is a studying process itself. First year students sometimes cannot see a great difference between educational process in a high school and a university. It can result into the numerous fails and problems, sometimes even such as being expired from a college. It goes not only about the higher level of given tasks, but also approach to the education.

Students often believe that if they make homework and attend the lectures, it will lead to success. However, it is not true due to the fact that education in university presupposes less attention to every single student; it means that what you really know depends mainly on you. Homework plays the role of additional means to enroot the knowledge in your brain, not to educate.

Studying, on the contrary, means that you spend a great deal of time on self-education. It implies reading of the appropriate literature, repetition of lecture materials that were learned and delivered in class, and then already making homework. Overwhelming number of students consider the studying process as something that happens to them before an important test or exam, while studying is a step-by-step process that should be performed at a steady pace.

  • #1: Quite Place

    Day-to-day student realities imply that you are surrounded by other people almost all the time. That is why find such type of place that will stimulate you to the most productive studying process. For everyone it can be different. For instance, for me, the most vital condition is music in my ears, but one friend of mine could learn something only in front of TV-screen. Another one learns exceptionally in a library.

  • #2: Special Time Frames

    Every person has its own most efficient activity hours during the day. If you know them, then good, just keep studying in this time frames. If not, then create a study timeline and calculate the most productive time zones.

  • #3: Study Materials

    Before beginning to study make sure that you have everything you need: All books, notebooks, lecture notes, laptop, etc. In addition, leave all distracting things like cell phone aside. Do not sit in the social networks or avoid playing games (so to say, to make a break).

  • #4: Be Positive

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    Most of the students hate studying process, seeing it as a drudgery. They cannot sit quietly, everything seems to them to be more interesting than looking at the text in a book. However, the main problem is that they begin to study already with negative perception of the subject and the material in general. If you try to understand what you are reading and be carried away by enthusiasm when exploring something new, then the information is memorized far easier.

  • #5: Stop Procrastination

    It is somehow a human nature to put away all ungrateful works and errands for later hoping that they will successfully clear up by themselves. Nonetheless, it is better to spend equal time periods for learning every day than to cram everything in the last night.

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