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4 Reasons to Learn English for Students

English Dictionaries

It is well-known fact that learning foreign languages is a key point in the contemporary world as it gives numerous opportunities which are correlated with various spheres of our life. Therefore, people strive to cognize the abilities to learn foreign languages which could contribute to the achievement of their goals.

Obviously, one of the most well-spread languages in the world is English which is considered as an international language. It signifies that English expands the boundaries of permissible which undoubtedly has a positive impact on our life. Basically, there is a wide range of reasons which induce us to gain knowledge. On this matter, everything depends on individual level. For instance, someone requires English in order to get a desirable position, someone needs knowledge of English to study abroad, and someone wants to just communicate freely or to be able to accomplish homework such as writing essays, making presentation, etc. Nevertheless, here are admitted some reasons which could inspire you to realize your dream.

More Information

We live in the modern world, where every person literally is a ball of information and events which pour from social networks and TV. But in order to be able to estimate situation objectively and holistically we need to analyze various sources of information. It signifies the ability to process information highlighted by not only local experts but also experts from other countries. Moreover, English editions could help you during studying at the university as it gives access to more quantity of information.

New Acquaintances

English gives a chance to communicate freely which could lead to new acquaintances. Isn’t it a good idea to boast of having a friend abroad? Owing to English, you can expand your circle of acquaintances to an international scale. Moreover, it is a good language practice. By the way, it also gives a wide range of benefits. For instance, is it better to stay at friend’s home while traveling instead of an expensive hotel?


Harry Potter Book

One of the most famous books among kids is a series of stories about Harry Potter written by Joanne Rowling. By the way, not only kids are fond of Harry Potter and his brave friends but also adults are enjoying reading these adventures. Every child and adult were waiting for new series of Harry Potter. On this matter, it is beneficial to have the ability to read it in the original language. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to read it before it is published in your native language.

Stand Up

Stand Up is a comic performance in front of a live audience. This performance could last from minutes to hours, as long as the audience has fun. By the way, a lot of famous actors started their career from these shows among them are Eddie Murphy, Woody Allen, Steve Martin and Robin Williams. This kind of humor is characterized by simplicity and uniqueness. Usually, during this performance, comics are talking about some funny stories, telling jokes, etc. Sometimes they prefer to interfere with the audience. On this point, it is a quite good practice for your listening skills.

Hopefully, one of these reasons could inspire you to learn English. Everything depends on your choice. Just think of what you can achieve owing to knowledge of foreign languages.

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