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How to write an essay introduction

The essay introduction is the first thing the person reads checking your essay. Thus, you need to know how to write an essay introduction to make your readers interested in what your essay will be about in next paragraphs.

Journalists say that there is the rule of the first two lines. The person always checks the first few sentences in order to create the impression about the whole paper. Thus, if these two sentences or lines cannot interest him or her, she will scroll the news page down or check the other articles. We can apply the same rule for the essay and its introduction. The essay will look interesting and extraordinary if you can get and keep the attention of your reader.

What helps to succeed in this? Professionals, who are experienced and, surely, can give good advice on how to write an essay introduction, tell that the essay hook can help on catching the interest and the good structure and vivid way of writing can keep it to the very end of essay. Indeed, if the subject of your paper interests the reader, he will go on reading as he considers this to be somehow close or useful for him. Your task is to keep the intrigue in the introduction and to give the final impression at the end of the paper in its conclusion, and the essay will be brilliant. As the essay paper is usually not that long, it is much easier to keep the attention of the reader and make him read till the end, but the introduction plays the most important role.

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