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How to write a white paper

The white paper is the type of academic assignment, where you need to state a certain problem that exists and give the way of its solution. Telling about the problem and its background should be included to the introduction, as well as the importance of its solving.

The problem you write about can be general or quite narrow. This depends on the subject you need to complete this assignment on, on your academic level. High School paper tend to have more general topics, when the University assignments deal with the deep and detailed analysis of the certain narrow topic concerning some specific thing, idea or phenomenon. It is easier, if the professor gives the topic to write on and provides you with the necessary readings. It will take more time and efforts to find the topic you want to write. However, you should remember, that the problem needs to be actual and up-to-date. There is no point to search for solutions for the problem, which is already resolved. Make sure that your topic is fresh and interesting.

The solution must also be clear and should be hypothetically working. It will be good to give the detailed algorithm of how to deal with the problem in order to get it resolved effectively. The solution explanations should take the bigger part of the paper then the problem stating as it requires your personal thinking and approach, what is valued highly by professors.

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