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How to write a narrative essay

The narrative essay deals with the narration about the certain event, person, thing etc. Actually the whole narrative essay is the answering on the question “what happened” and tells less about “why something happened”. There are different types of narration and it is up to you to choose any in order to feel comfortable and free writing your paper.

Thus, you can tell from the first person and this will make you an active participant of the certain action or event, or you can occupy the position of the side observer, giving the material from the third person. This will influence your paper greatly, as telling from the third person gives you more opportunities to adding facts as you seem to know everything, as well as telling from the first person makes it possible for you to devote more text you your impressions and feelings from the certain event of thing.

Surely, narration is telling facts, but your creativity is expressed by the way you tell those facts, the structure of the paper and the facts you tell being interesting. The language of the paper also means a lot, as you do not need to use the words, which are not clear for everyone. The narration has to be easy for perception and understanding, meaning that the words should be simple and sentences as well. If you narration includes dialogues, this will require the specific punctuation, so pay attention to the proper formatting of the quotes and dialogues.

If you have written the paper, read it to your friend, and he understood everything, listened with interest and was asking questions, than you can consider yourself as a person, who can tell how to write a narrative essay. If you feel that you narrative writing is not your strong side, let us know and we will work on the development of your skill!

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