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How to write a hook for an essay

The hook is the important element of any essay. However, it requires a high developed writing skill to know how to write a hook for an essay and where to place it in the text.

The well-known fact is the hook is needed in the introduction of the paper in order to make it catchy and attract the attention of the reader. Thus, the function of the hook is to show that the paper is written well and it is worth reading to get the interesting information.

There are a few ways to write a hook. In fact, hook is the name of the first few sentences, which catch the attention and sets the tone of the whole paper. So, you can start your essay with some fact or statistics, which is new and most likely the reader haven`t heard this before. This will not only make him want to know more about this, but also create an impression of paper with good argumentation. Do not tell the statistical data from your research as it needs to be indicated in body paragraph. However, make sure that the data given in a hook is somehow related to your subject.

To attract attention you can also use the quote of some famous person as a hook. Usually people read further at least to see you explanation or understanding of the quote.

Another good idea is to state a problematic rhetoric question. This provokes the person to think it over and take a certain position regarding the issue asked.

If you are free in style and the essay is not that formal, you can start with the interesting story from your life or from life of others as well.

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