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How to write a great essay

The great essay needs to be great in everything and, surely, in the grade one gets for it. Thus, you should pay attention to all of the points of the essay writing and this is probably the best advice on how to write a great essay.

Subject. Select the decent and interesting topic for your essay and define for yourself its side that will be eliminated in the paper. Think about how you will make the audience or reader interested in it.

Structure. The essay needs to have at least three main parts: introduction, the main body (actually the largest one) and the conclusion. It will be good to differentiate a few paragraphs under the main body part separating each certain idea with its illustrations and argumentations into a paragraph. Make sure that the parts are logically connected one with another and do not look like you can cut any of the parts to paste to any of the essay. All they should serve your aim.

Sense and Following of the Purpose. In the introduction part you are to include the thesis statement, which will show what your essay is about in one sentence. The whole essay needs to serve one aim and it will be a connection link for all of the ideas and parts of your paper. The conclusion needs to confirm that the aim has been followed via summarizing of the written.

Correctness. Avoid any kind of grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes etc. as they create an impression of the unprofessional paper. Format the essay according to the professor`s requirements accurately.

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