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How to write a comparison essay

The comparison essay is the type of essay that deals with a few subjects at once, showing their similarities and differences. The reason why the comparison essay can be assigned is your professor`s interest whether you know the main terms and issues that deal with the subject and his checking the depth of your understanding through the ability to look at the certain subjects from various points of view. Also, he may simply want to check your knowledge on how to write a comparison essay.

Firstly, you need to select the topic and subject to compare. You can deal with two different types of the same thing, or even talk about more than two subjects, issues etc. However, the evidence shows that the best comparison essay will be about 2 subjects, as you can define similarities and differences strictly and structure your essay appropriately.

There can be two ways of writing the comparison essay. You can structure it devoting each paragraph to the certain parameter according to which the subjects can be analyzed and each paragraph will include the specific features in a comparison manner. The other way is to talk about similarities first and then proceed to the differences or vise versa. It is also possible to combine these approaches.

The conclusion is quite important for this type of paper as you show what have you come to doing the comparison. All you need is to summarize, but the conclusion needs to show whether these subjects are more similar or more different. You can shortly mention the parameters you were taking as your background, but there is no need to retell the whole paper again.

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