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How to Cultivate Your Gratitude and Why Would You Need It?

We are taught to say “thank you” from our early childhood but not every one of us understands that it is much more than just an indicator of ethical behavior. In fact, the concept of gratitude is connected with positive thinking that is crucial for human’s well-being. Here are more points why being thankful is good for us and how you can cultivate this feeling in yourself.

  1. Gratitude instead of complaints.

    People shaking handsBeing thankful helps us to get rid of complaining, which is very harmful habit. The reason why one should avoid complaining is, first of all, that it makes people feel unhappy and even envying to others who seem to have a better life. Secondly, complaints make you think retrospectively, which will never help you move forward. Instead, gratitude makes you look into perspective.

  2. Being thankful for what you already have.

    One must be glad of the things that they already have as, definitely, there are a lot of people that are not able to get proper education, food and even shelter. This sounds shocking as we compare our never-ending wants with those that have people with worse conditions of living.

  3. You will feel healthier.

    A healthy person

    It is proved by scientists that those people who practice gratitude often feel happier than others. This is, also, connected with their health state as positive thinking helps us to keep fit and our body to work better.

How to be grateful?

  • If there is something that you look at negatively (with irritation or discomfort) try to think about it in a different light or from a different aspect. The person or some condition cannot be fully awful but instead some negative situation can appear beneficial to you and communication with the rudest person may bring you experience how to keep calm and find a consensus.

  • Gratitude is a notion that is closely connected with respect, which means consideration and even honor of other person’s efforts, skills or knowledge. Learn how to respect other people just imagining yourself on their place and you will easily be grateful for what they do for you.

  • Stop taking things around you as granted. Very often, people are lacking similar goods when you have all of them. Imagine what the life would be without them or how much efforts you would have to apply to do everything by your own. Repeat this on a daily basis and soon you will realize what a lucky person you are.

  • Giving compliments is sometimes even more pleasant than getting them. Just try not to stay quiet about the things, which you like, but tell your appreciation to others. This will multiply happiness by two times: you will make the other person pleased and will get some positive emotions as well.

  • Never gossip or criticize anyone. People are spending too much energy on it, while it could be dedicated to more useful activities that are able to make the person smarter and happier.

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