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Things to Say in a Graduation Speech

College Graduation

Finishing college is a right time to think about graduation speech. Moreover, the point is to make it confident and interesting for listening. For most students, it becomes a big trouble and they spend hours deciding about what kind of things to write.

However, there is no need for such miseries. Very often one needs just a small push for a successful work. Pieces of advice in this article are intended to help one in creating graduation speech in the fastest and effortless way.


The best idea for graduation speech is, of course, writing about personal experience. That may be events which influenced you: name them and describe the kind of effect you received. It is not necessary to talk about college life. Things that happened away from campus also matter. The main point is that it should be something special that changed your personality, improved individual qualities and world view.

People Around You

You definitely should mention personalities which inspired you during the studying. That may be different famous people, athletes, artists or scientist. Moreover, you can talk about professors you admire and follow their sample. Say what qualities you like in that individualities or maybe certain actions which had a great impact on your mind.

Usually students name patience, hard-working and honesty; however, you can change it and mention such features as a strong spirit, will power and recalcitrance.

Personality Improving

Say several words about the importance of self-development during the college education. Except for the lectures, there are many activities which are going to make one a better person. Talk about clubs and events you took part in.

Mention how many good friends you have got during studying. As a rule, students say that they had learned how never to give up, solve troubles independently, accept own mistakes and failures etc.

Student Delivering Speech

Moral Points

Think about several moral statements you find the most significant in human’s life. You can talk about the examples of humanity as volunteering, helping poor people, homeless animals and so on. These actions improve person morally, make one stronger and kinder. It is possible to say how the world can be can changed if everyone acts according to rules of morality.

Be Interesting

No one likes insipid boring speeches which are used to last for half an hour. Be aware of the length of your speech and do not make it too long. Add some unobtrusive jokes or fun stories from college life. The language should be plain and clear. Do not use the slang or unusual shortenings as it may confuse the audience.

It is possible to mention all things that impressed you during college education. However, do not forget that you should not protract your speech too much. Respect other students and guests who come to see them. Do not flutter and try to stay confident it is a great part of general success. It is always better to speak from the heart than use banal phrases and being insincere.

Inspire Other People

Surely there are a lot of young people sitting there and wondering about entering the same university or college and study in the same campus. But it is still a dream for them. Put yourself in their shoes. Show them how you feel about your student life within those walls. Everyone had successes and failures. State them, tell the world about them but also think of what they taught you.

Think of new acquaintances you have obtained during the prosperous period of your life, think of new friends and beloved ones. They all have contributed to your life, they all have changed your world perception. For some reason, it is not likely to make any judgements on the study process, however, we can assure you that with a special approach you can turn your abstract about study into a truly interesting creation.

Think of The Essential Parts to Be Presented in Your Adolescence

The widespread ideas on conducting a brilliant speech always seemed to be those about an individualism. Well, nobody would argue that point but it is also very nice to remember other valuable elements of our growing up.

Tell them of your family, of the importance to be honest with your friends and a creative way to make friends with women in the library and borrow books for as long as you want.

Put some spice in it and make them laugh and people will definitely remember your commencement speech.

Draw Your Student Life

Drawing of Life

No, literally, illustrate it! What I like about the graduation speeches is that they are never limited by any rules at all. Therefore, if you want to stand out a bit or just have an ability to show more than tell, grab some sheet of paper, colored pencils and draw your life! Nevertheless, even if your canvas is really big, a good and gaudy explanation of what to achieve in life will be a good point.

Bring some significant subject that would be a reminder of the best years of yours. It can be anything, even an apple if you want to explain how you achieved a complete admittance that Newton was right in his theory.

Pick up a citation and interpret it how you see it according to the situations during study period. Notable people having said something good will be a good support if you have a nice idea which is kind of difficult to put on paper.

 Write a graduation card just like a greeting card with best wishes or simply give everyone some presents like cupcakes and they will surely remember you.

Be Yourself

The best and the simplest tip is just to speak it from your heart. No matter how boring, long, short, funny, interesting, creative, weird, dumb, impressive, loud, calm you do it – it should show people yourself as a personality who has to tell others something about themselves.

Do it in order to have the best memories in your head even 20 years after your graduation and sing tearful songs with your classmates at the graduation party to forget about it as soon as possible.

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