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What Should Be Taken into Account While Choosing Your Future Profession?

We have certain moments in our life that require us to make a choice, and a very important one. One of the crucial moments is when we need to choose an occupation we would be able to succeed in and, of course, we are supposed to like it as well. There are special tests to guide us, but these tests are not a magic fairy that will give us a ready-made solution. Choosing a profession is a very responsible step. If you feel lost and are afraid to make this step, here is a plan of how to get to know yourself and find the most suitable profession for you.

Concentrate on what you like

Think of what you like to do, list your hobbies. Would you want to learn them professionally and keep on doing what you like as a part of your daily routine? Make a list of the professions you used to like when you were a kid. At this moment you shouldn’t think of the income they bring or how prestigious they are. Just think of what you are drawn to. Do you like spending time with kids? Is feeling the fabric the most pleasant thing on Earth? Or maybe you like the sound of food being cooked and the aromas floating in the air?

Imagine profession

Analyze the list you have made

What do these professions have in common? Are they artistic? Do they give you an opportunity to travel? Maybe you think you will feel independent? This step will help you to reveal what you think is the basic and vital thing for you in the occupation you are going to choose. Maybe, you can find it in other professions as well. Do you like working with people, animals or do you prefer a calm working place like a library? Think whether you want to be a part of the team or to only rely on yourself.

Think of what you are good at

List the subjects you used to like at school and the type of assignments you liked most. Write down ten personal qualities you possess. You can make two columns – ten qualities you think you possess and ten qualities other people think you have. Think of your health and physical abilities.

Good player

Look through the list of professions

Each profession has what is called “professionally important qualities”. You should try professions on, like pieces of clothes, and see if any suits you. Choose the professions you think are most suitable using the list from the first step and read a full description of each of them. Choose the ones you are interested in.

The last thing you need to do is to find the information about which professions are needed, which universities have the programs and what should you do to enter them. This is the final stop of the life-changing decision.

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