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Higher Education of the Future: Opinion Essay Ideas

Future Education

Over the past 20 years the technological progress has greatly changed our lives. Few of us can imagine a life without gadgets. This progress has influenced many spheres of our life, including education. Computer classes, technical laboratories – a couple of years ago these things seemed to be a novelty, but today they are parts of our reality. Let's talk about what will happen to the future system of higher education.

The Format of Classes

You can dedicate your essay to your vision of the future lessons format. Nowadays you must visit a college, attend classes and write notes. It is possible that in the nearest future, we will not need to go somewhere. All lectures will be held online in the form of webinars or conferences. You may notice that 24 hours a day is not enough. We are taught to manage our time effectively, and video lectures can help us with such situation. They allow everyone to learn when it is appropriate. Additionally, there is an ability to repeat the point that you didn’t figure out, or pause the video and listen to it later. Also you may imagine the distant future. Perhaps, the lectures will not be needed, and everyone will have an implanted chip with all the necessary information.


Imagine how a system of classes may change. Students have the opportunity to choose what to study, but let’s remember Steve Jobs as an example: self-education has given him more than university. Maybe in the future, the educational system will take into account that in addition to the basic subjects, the new ones should be immediately provided. This applies to the technical specialties: it can be the narrow areas to study the specific phenomena of the future, like teleportation, robotics and artificial intelligence. Nowadays they are studied only in scientific institutes, but if these things become our reality, then a basic course in the college is needed at least for better understanding of life. Show your thoughts on what subjects will be in demand.

Student Library Books

Marks and Exams

It is believed that an evaluation system is outdated and it is not an objective measure of students’ awareness. Write down how the system of assessments may change. For instance, instead of exams, students will be able to show their skills. The practice is based on the theory, so everyone will demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.

Results of Education

Nowadays, many students are studying in order to find a job. The studying process itself is not so relevant for them. They are not concerned in majority of the subjects and do not need them. This is an art for the art's sake: acquired information is never used. As a result, we get a lot of people who remember only a little part of material from the college classes. Share your point of view on what can be the solution for this situation. How could education be effective? Perhaps, we will have a different system, the attitude to studying will change. Colleges will supply the subjects that will be in demand. You will know that the information they have acquired at the college will help them get a job.

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