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First Week in College: How Is It Going to Be?

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The summer is coming to an end and there is only one thing that is on your mind all the time, college. And it's okay to feel worried and excited at the same time. You have probably heard a lot of funny and creepy stories about college life but you will never know for sure until you experience it yourself, right? But how to be ready for everything? Here are some things you need to expect from your first week in college:

Prepare to Feel Homesick

Even if you feel eager to leave this place as soon as possible and start the new chapter of your life, don't be surprised when you suddenly feel homesick during the first days at college. Probably, you will deny and repress this feeling but it's normal to miss the people you used to see every day! Some students experience it right after their parents leave, others after their excitement calms down a little bit.

You Might Need to Switch Your Major

Be ready to realize that the major you have chosen is not exactly what you expected. Studying at college differs from studying at school so it's okay for you to change your preferences and interests.

You Don’t Have to Be Friends with Everyone from Your Orientation Session

Most likely you will fall apart right after the orientation is over. You will live in different dorms, have different schedules and different lives in whole. You are going to be busy becoming friends with people from your dorm and classes.

Some Students Will Bother You

No, not everyone you meet at college will be super sweet and kind. There will definitely be people that you just can't stand. You will see them in your dorm, in your literature class or in that club you will join. You will have to learn how to deal with those people and how to calm yourself down as you won't always have an ability to avoid meeting them.

At Least One of Your Professors Is Going to Be a Tyrant

Well, college professors are there to teach you, not cherish. Unfortunately, some of your new profs will give you a hard time sometimes so be ready to get assigned three chapters of reading during the syllabus week.

It’s Okay to Forget Names and Faces

There will be so many new people that you will wish to have a pen and a notebook to write them all down in order to remember everyone. So accept the fact that you won't remember people's names and they won't remember your name too. It's perfectly normal, just try not to lie about it so to stay clear of any awkward situations. The next time you see somebody on campus, don't be shy to say something like 'Hey, I remember we've met before, but I'm terrible when it comes to names. What is yours again?'

Risk of Getting Lost on Campus

lost on campus

It doesn't really matter whether your campus is big or small, it will still be hard to find the needed building or auditorium. A god tip is to do a 'dry run' one day when you have some free time and check where all the rooms are located and how to find the shortest way from one to another.

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