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A Junk Word Again

You are fascinated by some people, but others make you elope any contact with. Why is it happening? Aren’t you tolerant? Don’t you know that the similar treatment is offensive and awful? “No!” –you will answer. – “I am kind and easy on any speech problems, but I can’t stand when people don’t control their emotions. It rasps the ear permanently using the fillers as “well…; um-m-m; uh-h-h…; Look…; so…” or even violent language after each pronounced word.

What Is the Reason of the Useless Speech Constructions Appearing?

Linguists call them “plague words” or “junk words”. They are yeasty and vaporing words devoid of a lexical sense. Usually, the tendency of appearing fillers in speech has various reasons.

  • There might be a limited human lexical resource.
  • The physical decay as a stutter.
  • A small pause to think of the next idea whereas your mind fulfills the moment with easy-coming words .
  • A fashion tribute.

A Person in Embarrassment

Negative Effects of the Fillers

The most powerful negative argument the filler has is spoiling and littering the speech. They distort the beauty of an utterance, especially when you promote or proclaim as public speakers do. They have annoying and irritative effect on listeners during the communication. They may be a signal of a speaker’s diffidence and simple arrogance. Thus, people will feel your tense and refuse continuing any deals with you for own safety. They won’t believe you even if you give them the facts.

Fillers mix our thoughts. We lie ourselves considering we build correct speech. We destroy any connections and our mind is confused of logic’s absence. Listener will begin counting the amount of your fillers in the speech, but won’t deep into the sense of idea. That is really interesting game like counting sheep before going to sleep. It is funny but simultaneously pity thing.

How to Deal with Junk Words?

  • Record your speech at a gadget – any voice recorder, cell phone or leave message through Skype, Viber or voice message of your local phone operator. For example, tell your friend about the latest movie you’ve seen. You can listen what, how and how much you speak the plague words during the story. This way you’ll check the speech.

  • Ask people around to check and write down whether you use junk words, how often, how many and what words exactly you say.

  • Visit a special public speaking courses. There specialists will define your problem and help you to rid of the useless habit.

  • You can find the synonym to the fillers. Take a thesaurus and make a list of alike words. Next time just try to change the junk word with a synonym.

  • Read literature aloud and consciously. Your mind will fix at the clichés and use them further.

  • Learn to express own thoughts. Sometimes this is a reason of using fillers instead.

  • Control own emotions and anxiety. It is an extra factor of appearing plagues in the speech.

  • Think ahead when you speak. Your speech will be more serious, considered and laconic than ever.

A Few Words Pro

Sometimes using fillers in speech may not carry the 100% negative effect. It could be your “mojo” or the feature of the individual style and manner. Correctly used filler may fulfill your image without spoiling the effect.

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