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Why You Should Not Work 24/7


You have so much work that you are even in a search for an essay writer to do your university tasks. Your studying is at risk because of extra hours. Moreover, you could become a zombie-workaholic who does not have normal relationships and suffers from constant stress.

You Are Hard to Relax

It is normal to check e-mails at the night or while on the vacation. Everyone says it is easy and do not disturb you much. So, modern technologies that are supposed to make life easier make you work harder. The consequences of such a workaholism are the constant stress or even the possession (but it's quite an extreme case).

You Ignore Health Problems

It is better to act before the signals about health problems appear. You do not gain weight because of one sandwich. Your eyes do not begin to ache because of the first minute to the computer. However, the body accumulates all the factors.

You will be rescued with the terrible word "routine." Everybody knows how difficult it is: walking at lunch time, taking your eyes off the screen, and closing the e-mails in the evening. But it is the only way to normal living.

You Lose Touch with Your Family

Money is important for life, but time with relatives and friends is essential for your well-being. You think about business meetings with unknown entrepreneurs but neglect ones who love and appreciate you. Therefore, spend only the working hours for the work discussions and let your relatives communicate with you during free time.

You Think About Work Only

If you get stuck on the one subject, it is easy to fly off the rails. That is why you should distract yourself with some activities: hobbies or meeting friends. It is impossible to work productively without a rest. Only having vacations, you will be able to take additional tasks if you want.

You Lose Contacts

Remember that you have friends in addition to an amiable and harmonious stuff. Weekend is a good reason to learn about their lives better. Listen to people, discover a completely different life area. It is as to look into another world through the window. Be sure to do so, it will be interesting.

You Begin to Do What the Other People Want

Do you perceive your boss as a king who makes orders? So, you have unhealthy working atmosphere. If you noticed that your employer does not appreciate your opinion and a personal territory, it would be better to think about the situation. If you cannot work under such pressure, it is better to find another job. Anyway, remember that slavery is never fun.

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