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Living in a Dormitory: Getting Used


There are many stories and anecdotes about student life in dormitories. The fact that mothers are afraid to let their children live their lives indepentantly is understandable. But what to do with the first-year students, who came for the first time to deal with such living conditions?

General Tips

Living in a dormitory is a preparation for independence. On the one hand, food and clothes can be sent every week from home, but on the other – sooner or later you will face with such life realities as cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and washing dishes. Unprepared for such things student, who has barely escaped from the parental care, may become confused. The fact that you will live in the same room the next few years is still completely strange, and we need to tune in mentally.

A Part of the Home


Most often, first-year students come with their parents to settle. The first point of acclimatization is to restrain the desire to go along with parents. People, especially the young ones, tend to be sentimental. Coming off into a new place, you still have with you something, what you value, an object of something very good, that was (and is) in your life. In addition to clothing, shoes, cans of conservation and stationery, the students bring with them something that reminds them of home - curtains that used to hang in the kitchen, or a desk lamp, which served you faithfully from the fifth grade, or cactus that once stood near the TV. And this piece of the old house helps get used to the new one.


Of course, it is difficult to imagine a student’s dormitory, where all students live in their own secluded little world, and nobody knows anybody. In fact, a student residence resembles a communal apartment: if there’s anything you do not have – for example, salt, matches or a hammer – you can always borrow this in the neighboring rooms. Also, here you can always find someone who can advise or give a short instruction. Undergraduates usually try to help the youngest to get used to life in a dormitory and the university quickly. You should not refuse such help! They were freshmen too, and they know that as they’ve once been in your shoes.

Meet not only with neighbors and classmates. Establish contacts with fellow students, as well as the guys from the other courses. Be brave enough to open your mind for new facilities and opportunities, and life will present a lot of beautiful moments for you.

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